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Explained: The Witcher’s Wild Hunt And Their Intentions Of Capturing Ciri

By Soniya Hinduja
January 15,2022

The way The Witcher Season 2 ended raised many questions that got fans wondering about certain characters’ purpose on the show. One such introduction in the season finale was that of the horrifying Wild Hunt. We also learned that the Wild Hunt is after Ciri. But why? What do they want from the Cintramn Princess? We have narrowed down the answers for you below. 

Netflix’s first installment of The Witcher saw many ebbs and flows. But towards the end of the season, we saw Geralt finally uniting with Ciri as destiny bound them together by the Law of Surprise. The second chapter of the mystical lore explored Geralt and Ciri’s journey further ahead. The season focused on revealing the truth about Ciri’s newly found powers and her lineage. And in the final episode, the crown princess of Cintra accesses her magic to its full potential. 

Episode 8 of The Witcher, titled “Family”, was truly an extensive and informative episode. It revealed unexpected truths about Ciri. And despite all the intrigue building around the young princess, the terrifying first appearance of the riders of the Wild Hunt undoubtedly stole the highlight. 

The Wild Hunt In The Witcher Explained


The Wild Hunt riding their horses in The Witcher

According to The Witcher books, the Wild Hunt, or the Wraiths of Mörhogg, are the elves who made use of portals to travel out of the main world at the time of the Conjunction of the Spheres. The elves reached a new world where they associated themselves with Humans and Unicorns. But the Elven race wanted to be the sole residing people on this world. So they eliminated all humankind. And continued to fight the Unicorns. 

Many years went by. And the Elves realized. They needed slaves in their world. People who would serve them and see to all their needs. To enslave people, the elves started teleporting to different worlds and collecting them. Thus creating a group of riders galloping the skies with the sole aim of gathering slaves. This group was then named The Wild Hunt. 

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Why Does The Wild Hunt Want Ciri?


The Witcher season finale – Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer in another Sphere

The story in The Witcher books goes something like this. Ciri encounters the Wild Hunt when she is looking for Geralt in the Gors Velen. The Wild Hunt was in the same sphere as Ciri. And with their stark abilities they recognized the presence of Elder Blood in Ciri. But before they have a chance of getting their hands on Ciri, Geralt and Yennefer find Ciri. 

The Wild Hunt are aware of the true nature and extent of Ciri’s abilities because she possesses the Elder Blood. And now they want to capture Ciri and bring her to their world. This is because the Wild Hunt wants to use Ciri’s Elder Blood to access the same powers that she has. It is believed that the Wild Hunt can use Ciri’s Elder Blood genes to control the Gate of the Worlds. This will make it easier for them to travel from one alien world to another. 

In The Witcher’s Netflix adaptation, Ciri opens a portal that leads them to the world of the Wild Hunt. In this new world, Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri encounter the Wild Hunt when the riders approach the company on their horses. In their brief but formidable appearance, the riders of the Hunt convey their intentions of wanting Ciri for her Elder Blood. And this is exactly like the narrative of the books. 

The Witcher Season One and Two are now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.