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Explore: Who Is Defender Strange And How Does He Connect To The MCU

By Abraham George
February 20,2022

The new trailer for Doctor Strange gave us a look at the three Strange’s: The MCU version, Sinister Strange, and Defender Strange. Though, Defender Strange wasn’t shown in the trailer, it was in a superbowl spot live all over the world.

Defender Strange is a version of Dr. Strange, who is part of a group of superheroes called the Defenders. The Defenders are informal and usually have their own plans. He does not have any powers that are different from those of the normal Stephen Strange in comic books. Defender Strange in one way is a more responsible version of the MCU Strange. He’d rather not help Peter Parker gaslight the world.

At the 2022 Super Bowl, Marvel released a new trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. It provided a lot of new footage for everyone to experience about the movie. Due to the amount of new footage, not many could have guessed what was going on; We can only speculate and learn more about the different characters that we saw in the movie trailer.

Who Is Defender Strange?

Defender Strange

Defender Strange

When a character only appeared for a short time but still managed to surprise fans, one of them was a version of Dr. Strange that could be called Defender Dr. Strange.

Defender Dr. Strange is just a different version of the MCU Doctor Strange in the comics. He is part of a group of superheroes called the Defenders. In this case, because we already have a live-action group called The Defenders consisting of the Netflix heroes. The MCU is going to introduce Defender Strange as a different version of a character from a different universe.

There are a lot of comic book stories about a group called the Defenders. Defender Doctor Strange tricked Namor into teaming up with the Hulk to help him fight a group of demons. It was clear that this group was not working well because each person had their own goal. Namor and Hulk said they would never work together again.

Still, even though they didn’t work well together, Doctor Strange could keep the uncanny and informal alliance together. As different heroes started teaming up with different members of the Defenders, he could keep the alliance together.

It was different from other groups of heroes, like the Avengers, because the Defenders didn’t have by-laws or a place to stay. Because the group was made up of people who didn’t even care that much about each other, there were no set numbers of people.

In a way, the Defenders are a group of people who aren’t on the team. They are very individualistic in the sense that they like to do things on their own when they work together. And most of the people who are in the group aren’t really known for getting along with other people.

The Powers Of Defender Strange

Defender Strange's powers

Defender Strange’s powers

It makes sense that since it was Defender Strange who came up with the group, the group often faces mystic and supernatural threats that aren’t very uncommon in Strange comics. This means that Defender Strange, in the MCU, could have also been the leader of this group.

Dr. Strange is called “Defender Strange” in the comics, but in the MCU, he is called “Doctor Strange.” Thus, could he also have been a part of the group? This means that there is no difference between him and the regular Doctor Strange from the MCU. This means he can do everything the MCU Strange can do.

It’s possible that Defender Strange is also very good at magic, because he is strong enough to become the Sorcerer Supreme. There is a chance that he could even be the Sorcerer Supreme in his own world! As a result, he should be very good at magic so that no other magician can match him in his skills.

Defender Strange is very good at the magical mystical arts, so he can also use Eldritch magic, which allows him to make real magical things out of pure energy. In the past, we have seen Doctor Strange use his skills with Eldritch magic to make whips, Tao Mandalas, and tangible barriers that could stop both physical and energy-based threats.

Doctor Strange Vs. Defender Strange

Defender Strange Versus Doctor Strange

Defender Strange Versus Doctor Strange

Of course, like any version of Doctor Strange, Defender Strange might be able to make portals with his sling ring as well. This lets him open portals to different places, so he can move quickly between places that are far away. Dr. Strange has been able to control the portals, and Defender Strange should be able to do the same by making them move.

Defender Strange could use the sling rings to open doors between different universes, because the Multiverse of Madness movie focuses on interdimensional travel between the universes that are in the Multiverse of Madness movie and yet dangerous.

On the other hand, Defender Strange has mastered the art of energy projection as well. This means that he can use his magic to make energy blasts, streams, and bolts that can be used against his opponents when he attacks. These streams of energy are powerful enough that Doctor Strange could use them against Thanos.

Among other things, Defender Strange might be able to fly, but not with the same cloak that Doctor Strange wears. A lot of other spells should be possible for him as well. He should be able to manipulate reality and warp it, astral project, and enter the Mirror Dimension, among many other things.

When Spider-Man: No Way Home happened, Stephen Strange changed the fabric of reality. This caused a lot of problems for the multiverse, which is what this movie is going to look at. In No Way Home, we the trio Spider-men in the MCU timeline.

Defender Strange’s Role In The Sequel

Defender Strange Toy Art

Defender Strange Toy Art

The same thing could happen in Multiverse Of Madness, but in a different way that is unique to the movie. Strange might end up seeing different versions of himself in the same universe, which is why we have seen two other versions of the character in the trailer, as well as Strange himself.

The first is the Sinister Dr. Strange, who is called Strange Supreme. There’s also a zombie version of Doctor Strange that may have come from the What If…? world.

Remember that it wasn’t a secret that Defender Strange was going to appear. A toy model of the character was already on sale last year. It’s certain he appears, but we wonder where and how?

In that way, Defender Strange and America Chavez could be from two different universes. The trailer suggests that he came from the same star portal that Chavez could have made.

However, these are just our guesses, as we don’t know for sure how Marvel is going to deal with the character of Defender Strange at this point. The other two variants of Doctor Strange have been shown to be building a battle of sorts. But we also cannot confirm the same with Defender Strange.

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