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Exploring Mysaria From House Of The Dragon

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 2,2022

The first two episodes of House of the Dragon have introduced us to many interesting characters. One such character is Mysaria. She is introduced as Daemon’s paramour and would-be wife. However, she is much more than just a “common whore” as called by Otto. So, let’s explore Mysaria in a little more depth. from

Who is Mysaria?

Mysaria in House of the Dragon

Mysaria in Dragonstone during House of the Dragon episode 2

Also known as Lady Misery, Mysaria was a prostitute living in Westeros at King’s Landing. She was a slave from Lys in the Free Cities who was sold multiple times. Mysaria was also known as the White Worm as her skin was as pale as milk. However, her ethnicity in the show House of the Dragon is Asian. She ended up developing a connection with Prince Daemon and became one of his closest allies. She is a strong woman who has carved her own path and fought through every adversity to get the life she has.

Mysaria in House of the Dragon

Daemon and Mysaria at Dragonstone in House of the Dragon

Daemon and Mysaria at Dragonstone during House of the Dragon episode 2

Mysaria is shown to be Prince Daemon’s lover in the first episode of House of the Dragon. Eventually, Daemon is exiled from King’s Landing and forced to go back to Runestone. However, he captures Dragonstone instead with his army of golden cloaks from the City Watch and with Mysaria right by his side. She accompanies him and even gets acquainted with his dragon Caraxes. Afterwards, during the second episode of House of the Dragon, Daemon sent a letter to the King’s council claiming that he’s taking Mysaria as his second wife and will wed her within a day as is the custom of Old Valyria. As a matter of fact, he also claimed that she was pregnant with his child.

However, in reality that was just a ruse so that Daemon could justify stealing a dragon’s egg from the Red Keep to put it in the cradle of his unborn child as was the Targaryen custom. This was also a tactic to rile up King Viserys. On learning about the lies from Otto Hightower during the confrontation between him and Daemon, Mysaria got extremely angry and upset with Daemon as he put her life in danger.

Her future in House of the Dragon

Mistress of Whisperers

Mistress of Whisperers for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and Prince Daemon Targaryen

During the Dance of the Dragons, Mysaria becomes an extremely important character on the side of Rhaenyra. She earned herself the title Mistress of Whisperers as she bacame the Spymaster for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. She also aided Prince Daemon as his Mistress of Whisperers. As a matter of fact, Mysaria coordinated and planed the attack and consequent murder of Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen, the eldest son of Aegon II Targaryen, by infiltrating the Red Keep and then successfully evading capture by escaping. She was loyal and stood by Queen Rhaenyra right till the end. Mysaria acted as her advisor in several situations and even proved her intelligence and wit. In the books however, her death is quite a tragic and dark one as is the custom in these books.

The show although is not strictly going by the books. This becomes pretty apparent when the news of her pregnancy is revealed to be a lie. In the books, she is genuinely pregnant and even loses her child during a storm on the narrow sea. Her future in House of the Dragon is definitely an exciting one and we are sure that there is a lot more in store for her. But only time will tell, so stay tuned!