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Familiar Monster From The Witcher Games Will Grace The Screens Soon

The Witcher games have a lot of terrifying monsters in them. After all, that’s one of the reasons why the games are so fun to play. Now, one of the most terrifying ones are definitely the leshens or leshys encountered in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These monsters, with their skull faces and huge horns, have terrified many, perhaps star Henry Cavill as well. So if you loved getting terrified by them then you will surely enjoy watching the Witcher season 2.

Leshens in Witcher season 2

Leshens have featured in the Witcher games, but they are just mentioned in Andrzej Sapkowski’s books. However, it looks like these creatures will be making the jump to live-action in the upcoming season of The Witcher series.

Our sources are hearing that there are plans for a leshy to appear in a season 2 episode. If you are worried that it will just be a picture of these creatures or such, then there is no need to stress yourself. Our sources are saying that the creature will encounter someone in the series.

Who Will Fight The Leshy?

The most likely character who will fight the Leshy is probably Geralt. After all, he is the one character who deals with monsters in the show. But that being said, season 2 is supposed to introduce new witchers as well. So it is possible that they will fight the leshen.

But will it be a one-off fight that will get forgotten in the next episode? Likely not as our sources say that the character fighting it will face “serious consequences.”

What Will Be The Character Design Of The Leshy?

Leshy’s are famous for their design in the game. The terrifying horns and their strong swollen legs have made many gamers tremble in fear. So now the question is- what will these creatures look like in the show? Will it look like the games or will they change the designs? Our hunch is with the latter since the show has stayed away from the designs found in the game right from the first season itself. So we are expecting to see something different and perhaps even more terrifying!

Source: redanianintelligence