Fans Not Happy After The Mandalorian Snubbed In New Poster Celebrating Star Wars Day

Anyone who has even been in the Star Wars fandom knows how easy it is to rile them up. This prickliness seems to have increased

By Ishita Chatterjee
May 3,2021
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Anyone who has even been in the Star Wars fandom knows how easy it is to rile them up. This prickliness seems to have increased after the sequel movies failed to live up to their expectations. In fact, it can be said that the movies seem to have straight-up mixed opinions. The sequel trilogy movie that definitely has mixed opinions is- The Last Jedi. 

Even now it’s clear that when the fandom talks about the sequel trilogy, there’s a lot of animosity in the fanbase about it and people simply haven’t been able to move on from it. 


People Have Mixed Opinions On Star Wars Sequels

The Star Wars sequels have inspired mixed opinions from fans and critics alike. This mixed view can be seen reflected in the Rotten Tomatoes ratings. But on the other hand, even though Solo badly bombed at the global box office to become the lowest-grossing Star Wars movie yet, it was quietly deemed as a cult movie. In fact, even campaigns were launched to greenlight a sequel. However it was too little and too late and as we can see, there are no sequels till now. 

Mandalorian New Star Wars Characters

When it comes to the last movie of the sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker- most fans felt like it was underwhelming and failed to satisfy any aspect of the fandom. In fact, the fandom is almost united in one view- the movie didn’t satisfactorily tie up anything. However, fans have no such issues with the newest Star Wars offering- The Mandalorian, till now that is. 

Fans Still Love The Sequel Trilogy Characters

Know that just because people are divided on the sequel movies, doesn’t mean that they don’t love the characters presented in the sequel movies. So when a new poster was released to mark the almost-here Star Wars day and it didn’t have any of the Mando or sequel trilogy characters, fans got pissed off. 

Here are some of the reactions to this mishap:


Now, it’s possible that this was just the first poster in a series to come as Star Wars day draws near. So all the other characters could still show up in those. However, even if no more posters come, Disney still has plans to celebrate Star Wars day by premiering The Bad Batch on that day. It will be the first Star Wars Disney+ series since The Mandatorian season 2 ended. As you can expect, we are pretty excited and are eagerly waiting for it.