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Fans Receive Disappointing News About The Blade Project

By Chandraboli Majumdar
October 1,2022

Marvel has been working on the upcoming Blade project and has already started its production. They have already announced the lead actor, Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali who will be playing Blade. The movie will reportedly be different from the previous ones starring Wesley Snipes. These will be more Marvel-like instead of having as many scenes of gratuitous violence and R-rated scenes. However, there have been some disappointing rumored news regarding the Blade movie that fans have been upset over. So here is all you need to know about the project and its developments.

Issues with the script

Marvel Studios' upcoming Blade project has run into problems

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Blade project has run into problems

The script has reportedly been a major point of contention. It has been rumored to be only 90 pages long and supposedly lacks any action sequences. Apparently, there are only 2 action sequences that have been described as lackluster. That is not something fans expect from Marvel movies. Now it has been reported that the entire script has been scrapped and is being rewritten right from the very beginning. Mahershala Ali has been quite frustrated with the project and how it is moving forward. In fact, both Mahershala Ali and Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige are very disappointed with the script, the plot and the current production processes. Kevin Feige is said to be “spread too thin”.

Controversy with the Director of Blade

Blade screenplay will be written by Beau DeMayo who wrote X-Men

Blade screenplay will be written by Beau DeMayo who wrote X-Men ’97

Bassim Tariq was the Director of the film Blade. However, with the disappointing developments regarding the script and production, Bassim Tariq has reportedly left the project. Some have even cited scheduling conflicts as the main reason for his exit from the project. However, Bassim has been rumored to be fired also because Kevin Feige was unhappy with the results. After his exit, Marvel Studios began looking for candidates to replace Bassim as the Director of Blade. As a matter of fact, they reportedly had a very large list of candidates they were considering. Fortunately, we think we have an answer to who will be directing Blade. Beau De Mayo will be directing the movie and has event started off writing the new script. He reportedly has replaced Stacy Osei-Kuffour as the screenwriter for Marvel Studios’ Blade.

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