"Fantastic Four's" Director Offers An Update On Casting Rumors!
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“Fantastic Four’s” Director Offers An Update On Casting Rumors!

Director “Matt Shakman” Dismisses Speculation Regarding Who Might Play Different Members Of Marvel’s First Family.

By Aryan Pandey
February 9,2023

The Fantastic Four reboot by Marvel Studios has to be one of the most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in recent history. Since its formal announcement in late 2020, there have been several rumors concerning the film’s core cast, with several big name actors speculated to be in the running for the role of the First Family.

Marvel’s much-awaited Fantastic Four reboot won’t be available to fans for quite some time, especially after the release date was pushed back to Valentine’s Day 2025. Matt Shakman, who previously directed WandaVision, was just announced by Marvel as the commander of this ship.
Since Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced the Fantastic Four’s MCU, one of the central questions in Hollywood and even among fans has been who would play Marvel’s First Family.
Unfortunately, viewers still don’t have a solution to that question.

Every week or so, we get new casting rumors that are vastly different from the previous ones. There have been some bizarre names floating around, but we don’t know if these are just rumors or if so many changes are actually taking place at Marvel. Thankfully, the filmmaker has officially addressed these bizarre casting rumors, which is a relief.

Shakman Dismisses All ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Rumors

Matt Shakman

Matt Shakman

Matt Shakman recently spoke with Collider about his forthcoming Marvel project. The question was, in regard to all of the actors’ names that we were hearing who were allegedly tied to the Fantastic Four project.
According to Collider, Fantastic Four writer Matt Shakman asserts that “all the casting stuff you see” is rumor and conjecture because he and Marvel Studios “have nothing to announce right now.”

“All the casting stuff you see is just rumors. We are early in our process there. We have nothing to announce right now, and certainly, when we do we’ll let you know.”

Regarding “all the casting stuff” that the public has witnessed, reports have varied from Marvel Studios casting John David Washington to Adam Driver, with Ryan Gosling being one of the most current.

While the audience awaits the release of Fantastic Four, the question of Shakman’s future directing roles remains.
Shakman was next asked about his future directing projects, and the WandaVision director stated that he is still quite busy with the things he has on his plate right now.

“I don’t think so. You know, I’m still finishing up the ‘Godzilla’ project you were mentioning. We’re in post on that, and have a few more months on that. ‘Fantastic Four’ is pretty much my life until Valentine’s Day of 2025.”

While Marvel Studios and Matt Shakman may have “nothing to say right now,” it doesn’t imply nothing is in the works.
It’s worth remembering that Kevin Feige has indicated that no casting announcements would be made until the screenplay for the film is finished. While we don’t know the state of the script, I believe it’s reasonable to assume that the film’s authors are well on their way to finishing it.

There’s also no word on the Fantastic Four storyline, though things should start to fall into place as Phase 6 and the film’s release date approach. The MCU’s current focus is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which will release in just over a week on February 17th.

The Fantastic Four hits cinemas on February 14, 2025. Stay tuned for further updates.


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