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First Episode of She-Hulk Shows Bonding Of Tony and Bruce

By Sumit Sahu
August 18,2022

The first episode of She-Hulk is out, and it was way amazing than fans expected it to be. We saw how Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner are collaborating on a humorous and emotional angle. But with everything aside, one thing we noticed is how Bruce kept mentioning Tony in this conversations multiple times.

Tony Gave A Beach Lab To Bruce 

Tony and Bruce

Tony and Bruce

Tony Stark; The genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, is good at heart and has soft corner for science geeks. Bruce was his companion throughout the Avengers universe. And in the episode, Bruce mentioned how he worked out to blend Hulk and Banner together to limit the chaos caused by Bruce’s alter ego.

Bruce mentioned that during the blip, he worked tirelessly to find a solution to his failure in Infinity War. He blamed himself to lose twice to Thanos. The first fight in Thor’s ship was devastating as we saw our strongest Avenger taste defeat and get beatings like a toast.

And then, he couldn’t fight back to Thanos as Hulk and Banner lost the control they had, and there was less or no contribution of him in the fight.

This blame depressed him to the core and Tony came up to the scene and offered him the lab to sort things out. It shows that Tony, might be jealous of someone being more brilliant than him, but has a heart for people who want to correct their own flaws.

Hulk and Iron Man Shared Drinks

Hulk's Beach Bar

Hulk’s Beach Bar

Later in the episode, Bruce talked to Jen about how he used to share drinks with Tony in his personal beach bar. He said that Tony used to drink for most of the times while he used to listen to his banters about Steve and what wrong he did to him.

After Civil War and Infinity War events, Tony and Steve were quite separated in their paths, and they didn’t want to come together and fight again. May be, this was the discussion they had throughout the time they spent in the beach lab.

Later in this series, we might get to learn the fact that Tony helped Bruce control his alter-ego and blend in to be the best of both versions.

The first episode gave us a brief about how Bruce went through his tough times and doesn’t want Jen to go through that again. Let’s wait and see what She-Hulk’s next episode has for us!

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