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First Returning Cast Member For Deadpool 3 Teased By Ryan Reynolds

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 29,2022

While Ryan Reynolds hasn’t yet made his MCU debut, Deadpool 3 is gaining traction among fans ahead of its release date. Wade Wilson’s third solo movie, which is only the second confirmed ex-Fox Studios property to arrive after Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four, has already excited fans.

Deadpool’s MCU film will be directed by Shawn Levy, who worked with Ryan Reynolds on 2021’s Free Guy and has recently signed on to direct the film. Fans are already imagining how the Merc with a Mouth will make his mark on the franchise, even though no release date or production schedule has been announced publicly yet.

As of right now, Reynolds is the only cast member committed to the project, though others, such as Morena Baccarin and Zazie Beetz, have expressed a desire to rejoin the cast. With Reynolds possibly announcing the first actor to join the cast, many, including Blind Al, have changed their minds.

A New Member of the Deadpool 3 Cast Has Been Added

Here’s How Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Deadpool 3 News

Deadpool 3

It appears that Leslie Uggams, who played Blind Al in Deadpool 2, will reprise her role in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted about it.

Reynold’s most recent film, The Adam Project, which he co-directed with Shawn Levy, was praised by Uggams in a Tweet. To which she replied, “I can’t wait to see what Levy and Reynolds have in store for Deadpool 3!” “Then thank you Leslie. So long for now, and see you soon “as well as three sword emojis.

After that, Uggams sent Reynolds a message that was accompanied by three “eyes” emojis.

Blind Al Teased For A Cameo

Blind Al

Blind Al

Blind Al, played by Leslie Uggams, was a memorable character in the first two Deadpool films despite her limited screen time. To provide emotional support and friendly ribbing to Wade Wilson’s roommate, the supporting character’s experiences with Ikea and guns made for a great supporting role.

In any case, it would be shocking if Uggams were left out of Marvel Studios’ first solo Deadpool film if this were the official confirmation. Fans are eager to see how she interacts with established MCU characters, and her deadly weaponry prowess should be back in full force.

Reynolds’ tease of Uggams’ return in typical Deadpool fashion seems to fit this movie’s vibe perfectly as the two get ready for their next round of comedic antics together. Reynolds

The wait to find out when Deadpool 3 will begin production and when more cast members will join the action continues. A lot depends on whether Wade Wilson makes an appearance in the MCU before his first solo film, but he’ll be ready for whatever mayhem comes his way now that Blind Al appears to be by his side.

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