First Wave of Reactions To Star Wars: Visions Are Drowning in Praises

Star Wars drought is over, 2022 is already lined up with great projects which include shows like “The Bad Batch (Season2)”, “The Mandalorian (Season 3)”,

By Subhankar Chowdhury
September 25,2021
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Star Wars drought is over, 2022 is already lined up with great projects which include shows like “The Bad Batch (Season2)”, “The Mandalorian (Season 3)”, but this year Disney+ without any ceremonial promotion or marketing realized one of the fresh Perspective or exciting show in the past decade from Star Wars Universe.

That is “Star Wars: Visions”, this needs to be your next watch. It is an Anime anthology series, it is a collective product of nine episodes of anime, created by one of the best six animation studios in Japan. The show is released In Japanese and English. The English cast is star-studded. It includes actors like; Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Liu, Henry Golding, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett.

The Show Is Worth The Wait

Star Wars Visions

For decades now Star wars are playing within their mantle, finally this show is a bold move and it takes time but finally, Lucasfilm gave something magical both narratively and visually. As the show just dropped from nowhere, people are still not aware of the show. Although word of the mouth promotion is finally paying off and the first wave of reaction from the audience is coming, the quantity is still at askew but the quality is incredible.

Critics in their social media platforms provided their first reaction and most of the comments are complimentary. Almost every aspect of the show is getting praise, such as; the animation, creativity, narrative, display, storylines, even the effort and imagination behind the show is getting hard praise.

Bryan Young from SyFy believes the show was fantastic. He also praised the variety of storylines and practically demanded more of Vision.

David Opie from Digital Spy’s thinks the show has a unique reach, so much that everyone will have a different favorite. He also believes that the animation is “God-tier”, he also praised the studio efforts and believes this is the future of Star Wars. Now, this does not have to be explained that this is one of the best a show can get a compliment.

Anya Stanley from Slash Film compares the show’s efficiency with Mariah. He also has a favorite and he does not shy away from sharing it on his Twitter handle, it was Takanobu Mizuno’s “The Duel”, and from his Twitter, it is obvious that he is obsessed with Ronin, also can You blame?

Erik Davis from Fandango praises the uniqueness and inventive approach. Also, he mentioned the crazy Lightsaber fights, and could he be more right?

James Whitbrook of io9 goes further and states that the show is gorgeous and absolutely a triumph in kinetic measures. Also, he believes that the show is perfect as the show is in sync with the thematic heart of the Star Wars universe.

Charles Pulliam of Gizmodo does not believe that live-action could be better than Vision, and We are not agreeing with him but yeah man.

Jordan Maison from Cinelinx announces the show as “Pretty Damn great and Whip ass”. He is not concerned about which one is his favorite instated he is busy believing that he does not dislike a single one.

Tessa Smith from Mama’s Geeky is sure that it would be hard to wipe the smile out of Fan’s face after the show, and also she mentioned the show as “VISUALLY STUNNING”.

Ashley Saunders of CBR decides to announce that the Lightsabers are epic and also he stated that the show is going to be “an instant hit with fans of all ages!”

All these reviews are just the tip of the iceberg and also the reviewers require to be complimented for their effort, as the show is visually and narratively so stunning it would take an effort to get out of it and write a review and keeping it below 140 characters to fit it in Twitter.