Florence Pugh Defends Zach Braff’s Age Gap Relationship Against Online Hate

In This Article, We Discuss Florence Pugh’s Defense Of Ex-partner Zach Braff Against Online Hate And Criticism Surrounding Their 20-year Age Gap.

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 21,2023
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Florence Pugh is known for being a Hollywood actress who speaks her mind, and she has once again proved it by defending her ex-partner, Zach Braff, after fans criticized their relationship’s massive 20-year age gap. Despite their breakup, Pugh did not hesitate to defend Braff against online hate, knowing that their separation would not stop her from supporting him.

Their Dating Timeline

Zach Braff And Florence Pugh

Pugh’s relationship with Braff has created a lot of kerfuffle in the media. However, Pugh did not keep quiet and continuously stood up for herself, her partner, and her relationship.

Age Gap Controversy

Zach Braff And Florence Pugh

Their age gap created chaos among fans, but Pugh refused to let the audience impact her relationship. She took a stand against the hate and abuse thrown at Braff online, saying that the harassment was not just directed at him but also at her.

Pugh stands for herself and Braff, explaining that she is old enough to be an adult, pay taxes, and decide who she wants to be with. Her comments reflected her opinion that nobody has the right to tell her who she can or cannot date.

Collaboration In “A Good Person”

Florence Pugh And Zach Braff

Pugh and Braff collaborated on their movie “A Good Person,” which was written by Braff specifically for Pugh. The original screenplay was written during lockdown, and Braff confirmed that the movie was created with Pugh in mind.

Despite their breakup being outside of the public eye, the two are excited about their collaboration in the film. Pugh expressed her happiness in reading a script that was written specifically for her, and Braff was excited to work with someone who knew him so well.

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