Gal Gadot Rumored To Be Playing Sith Princess In New Star Wars Film

After being the face of the DC universe by delivering two successful solo movies, Gal Gadot has apparently set her sights on joining the Star

By Ishita Chatterjee
May 9,2021
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After being the face of the DC universe by delivering two successful solo movies, Gal Gadot has apparently set her sights on joining the Star Wars universe. Or at least that’s the rumour that’s making the rounds now. 

Gal Gadot To Be A Part Of The Star Wars Universe?

The rumour in the air is that Wonder Woman Gal Gadot will be entering the Star Wars universe by playing a Sith Princess. This news comes from YouTuber Mike Zeroh, who has actually shared some pretty accurate scoops on the past. However, he also has a market reputation for being really wrong. 

Fans will remember that earlier in the year Zeroh said that Keanu Reeves will be becoming a part of the Star Wars universe by taking on the role of King Valar. He also said that Keanu will be playing that role in a Old Republic era film. Right now, Zeroh is saying they Gadot will be showing up in the very same project and that this could result in a trilogy getting developed. 

Mike Zeroh On The Sith Star Wars Movie

According to Zeroh, Reeves’ character will be connected to an ancient Sith and that Gadot will be joining him as a ‘Sith Princess.’ He also says that Gadot’s character “will be a part of this Dark Side oriented family.” The Youtuber further says that this Sith clan parallel the Skywalkers and will be an evil version of them. To round up the news, the scooper said that this trilogy will be shown on Disney Plus and will not be hitting theatres. 

To quote Zeroh: 

“They’re going to be small-scale films … focusing on a Dark Side family where, pretty much, the downfall of those characters is going to be about falling to the Light Side of the Force. Kind of giving us a reverse of what happens in the traditional Star Wars films.”

He notes that this Sith family will give fans – “a true perspective, a consistent true perspective of the Dark Side of the Force and a Dark Side family and how that works on the world of Exegol.”

So this probably means that, as shown in The Rise of Skywalker, the new trilogy of movies that are being planned will be set fully on the first Sith homeworld. 

Zeroh says that right now the development of this movie is in the beginning stages, but Keanu will begin talking to Disney properly soon. As for Gadot, he expects that the Studio will confirm her involvement by this year’s end. 

Do These Rumours Have Any Steam In Them? 

Know that along with these new rumours, it was also previously reported that Patty Jenkins will be bringing in Gal Gadot on board the Rogue Squadron movie. But those rumours went nowhere and we have a feeling that these rumours from Zeroh don’t have a lot of substance in them as well.

Gal Gadot As Sith

After all, Gadot is booked and busy right now and we really don’t think that after coming off of Wonder Woman she will be interested in making a small scale Star Wars movie that will get released only on Disney+. After all, even Wonder Woman 1984 got a theatrical release along with getting released on HBO Max.

So we would advise you to take these rumours with a bunch of salt and wait to see if there’s any official confirmation from Disney about it. 

Source: Mike Zeroh