Game Of Thrones Prequel Paused As Hollywood Writers' Strike Continues
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Game Of Thrones Prequel Paused As Hollywood Writers’ Strike Continues

The Writing Of The Game Of Thrones Prequel And Production Of Stranger Things Face Disruptions Due To The Ongoing Hollywood Writers’ Strike

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 24,2023

The ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike has caused a pause in the writing process for the Game of Thrones prequel and has halted production on the final season of Stranger Things. The strike, which has entered its almost week-long duration, involves thousands of film and television writers in the United States.

Game Of Thrones Prequel Delayed

Jon Snow goes beyond the wall in Game of Thrones series finale

Jon Snow goes beyond the wall in Game of Thrones series finale

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike has forced the closure of the writer’s room for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel for the Max streaming service. Renowned author George RR Martin, in a blog post, expressed his full support for the strike, although he couldn’t physically join the picket line due to his absence in Los Angeles. Martin emphasized the issue of “mini rooms,” which hinder the progress of aspiring young writers in the industry after a show is greenlit.

Stranger Things Production Paused

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

In response to the strike, the production of the highly popular Netflix series Stranger Things has been temporarily halted. The show’s writers and creators announced the pause through Twitter, emphasizing the importance of writing throughout the production process. Despite their enthusiasm to work with the talented cast and crew, they acknowledged that continuing production during the strike is not feasible.

Impact On Other Productions

Disney Sacrifices Blade Reboot Amidst Writers’ Strike Demands

The strike has also affected other projects in Hollywood. The upcoming Marvel movie Blade, featuring Mahershala Ali, was forced to shut down just before the commencement of filming. Late-night talk shows immediately went off the air, and several TV series and movies have followed suit, experiencing delays and disruptions.

Game Of Thrones Prequel Details

The Hedge Knight

The Hedge Knight, set to be a prominent show on Warner Bros’ Max streaming service, takes place a century before the events depicted in Game of Thrones. Focusing on the Targaryen reign over the Iron Throne, the series delves into the story of a young knight and his squire. However, no official release date has been announced for the prequel.

On a positive note, Martin shared that the second season of House of the Dragon, another Game of Thrones prequel, began filming in April. Filming will continue in locations such as London and Wales. Martin revealed that all eight episodes of the second season have already been written and revised.

Duration And Outlook Of The Strike


The length of the strike remains uncertain, as no new negotiations have been scheduled between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents the studios. Martin expressed cautious skepticism about a swift resolution, although he hoped for meaningful concessions from the AMPTP. He highlighted the remarkable unity among the members of the Writers Guild during this strike.