Game Of Thrones Star Quits Social Media Over Backlash From Hated Character
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Game Of Thrones Star Quits Social Media Over Backlash From Hated Character

Discover How A Game Of Thrones Star, Faye Marsay, Was Forced To Leave Social Media Due To Intense Fan Backlash Over Her Controversial Character.

By Akshay Sharma
May 26,2023

Game of Thrones star, Faye Marsay, known for her role as the Waif, faced such intense fan backlash that she had to quit social media. The English actress appeared in the fifth and sixth seasons of the HBO fantasy series, portraying the Waif, an acolyte of the Faceless Men in Braavos. As part of her character’s storyline, she trained Arya Stark, enduring significant criticism from fans due to the character’s cold disposition and mistreatment of Arya.

Impact On Marsay’s Life

Faye Marsay

In an interview, Marsay revealed the profound impact her portrayal of the Waif had on her personal life. The backlash she faced online was so overwhelming that she decided to step away from social media platforms altogether. Interestingly, Marsay had previously starred in the Black Mirror episode titled “Hated in the Nation,” which explored the perils of social media. This experience likely added to her awareness of the negative consequences associated with online platforms. Currently, Marsay maintains only a moderate level of social media activity.

 Toxicity Within The Game Of Thrones Fanbase

Game Of Thrones

Marsay is not the only Game of Thrones actor to have encountered online backlash due to their portrayal of controversial characters. Jack Gleeson, who played Joffrey Baratheon, a universally despised character, also faced a similar experience. Gleeson even took an extended hiatus from acting following his role.

Moreover, the toxic nature of some Game of Thrones fans became evident during the release of the show’s eighth season. Numerous online petitions demanded a remake of the final season, reflecting the vehement criticism. Even author George R.R. Martin denounced this toxic audience response. It is important to note, however, that this backlash represents a vocal minority within the fanbase and has not hindered the overall success of the Game of Thrones franchise. House of the Dragon season 2 is currently in the works, and additional spinoffs are being developed.