Gamora Is Going To Be The Leader Of Ravagers In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol-3- Trailer Snaps Leaked

The trailer snaps of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol-3 are leaked, and there is a big prediction of its storyline. 

The story is about to introduce Chukwudi Iwuji, a.k.a High Evolutionary, in the movie. He is the creator of Rocket, and this movie will probably show his origin. 

In one trailer snap, you will see baby Rocket before he was mechanically evolved into a talking Racoon. 

One snap took the attention among all the other reveals. And that was of Gamora, being the leader of Ravagers.

Gamora is Alive- But She Is Not The One From Actual MCU Timeline

We all know how Gamora of 2014 ditched her evil father and fought the battle alongside Avengers in the End Game. She didn’t turn into dust after Tony snapped and decided to walk down the lane on her path.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol-3 has her in the movie and as leader of Ravagers. Peter Quill is shocked in the trailer by seeing the love of his life right in front of him. 

Peter Quill talks to this Gamora of 2014 and tries to bring her back to the Guardians’ family. But she denies saying, “I am not the Gamora, you know!”. 

Exactly, Gamora from the actual MCU timeline is already dead while Thanos sacrificed her to get the soul stone. 

It will be good to watch Star-Lord convincing and winning back his love right from square zero. 

How Did Gamora End Up Being The Leader Of Ravagers?

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 May Make Gamora the TVA’s Next Victim_

Gamora probably left Earth after the battle and found a faction of Ravagers to take shelter. Ravagers have thieves, smugglers, bounty hunters, and other criminals in their gang, and Gamora might have been forced to indulge in a fight with their existing leader.

On winning the fight, the entire gang would have probably accepted her as the new leader of their faction. We will get to see what happened, but this is what might probably be the story. 

Many more details are yet to unfold when Marvel releases the trailer on the global front.