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Gamora May Become the TVA’s Next Victim And It Is Imminent

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 13,2022

When James Gunn isn’t working on the DCEU movie Peacemaker, he’s working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s cosmic arm. He also dismissed Galactus fan theories as part of that job. The final film in his trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, is already being made. It promises to make Marvel’s characters even more interesting and wide-reaching. It will also introduce Adam Warlock to the MCU. However, it will also show a new member of the crew of the Benatar. Benatar is a variant of Gamora from another timeline. Loki came up with a new way to think about the multiverse. These include how it affects important parts of what is called the Sacred Timeline, and how it is policed.

The Relevance Of The TVA

doctor strange

An example of a Time Door opened by a TemPad as seen in Loki on Disney+

Time Variance Authority (TVA) charged Loki with sequence violation 7-20-89, a crime he perpetrated while escaping the custody of the Avengers. Judge Renslayer ruled that it didn’t matter that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ actions had resulted in an Infinity Stone falling at Loki’s feet. At the same time, it did not matter that Loki’s chance at independence was in retaining his nature. An entity that was created from the rips in space-time would consume him if he was banished to the Void, a euphemism for exile. The Avengers timeline heist, according to Loki, is the reason he exists as a variant. As a reason, the same logic should apply to Gamora.

The TVA was built to reduce the multiverse to a single timeline in place. This was done to avert variants of one particularly remarkable person from annihilating or vanquishing all of existence. So far this man has been identified as He Who Remains. This is even though one of his alternates is fated to become the MCU’s Kang the Conqueror. Other deviations from the Sacred Timeline were pruned by TVA, as were entire new realities. All this in the name of one magnificent goal: to ensure that Kang or another figure similar to him did not come to threaten the very fabric of existence.

He Who Remains And His Claims



The final director of TVA concocted the course of events. He did so because, relying on his omniscience, he saw no other way to avoid extinction. After examining the various outcomes, He Who Remains came to a single conclusion. This conclusion was similar to how Doctor Strange did in Avengers: Infinity War. He Who Remains, on the other hand, has access to an infinite number of timelines. He also came up with the TVA bureaucracy as a solution to prevent the utter devastation he observed during the Multiversal War from occurring again.

The character claimed that his actions had ended the war and protected the Sacred Timeline. Meanwhile, he used his puppets, the Time Keepers, to carry out his orders. The TVA’s judges, hunters, and other drones relied on them to keep Time’s engine running smoothly and prevent annihilation. However, two Loki variants came together to unravel the riddle of the TVA and inevitably discover the man behind the veil. However, this was also a predefined path aimed at providing some relief to He Who Remains. His ultimatum was to let the multiverse return in all its ill-fated glory, or to take over and preserve the order he had established. The variants objected, culminating in one of them massacring the man at the End of Time and inflicting Kang on the multiple universes.

Gamora’s Return In The MCU



The TVA is still operational in Loki’s season one finale. This is even though it is besieged by timelines branching out of its control. Mobius and Hunter B-15 are shown trying to figure out what “he” desires them to do before the camera moves to a statue of He Who Remains dressed like Kang from the comic books. The alternate may be using the TVA to neutralize potential threats before they appear anywhere in the multiverse that he wishes while fostering others for resources, alliances, and the satisfaction of prospective conquest.

By nature, and by no means through her own fault, Gamora is an offshore of the original timeline, just like L1130 was. Thwarting TVA’s efforts to prune her would certainly complicate this. Nonetheless, Gamora’s return to MCU in Endgame cannot be overlooked. This is so given what the viewers now understand about the internal dynamics of multiversal mechanics.

Could Doctor Strange 2 Include A Variant?

Doctor Strange 2

Benedict Cumberbatch as evil Doctor Strange Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

After Thanos sacrificed the original Gamora to obtain the Soul Stone, a time-displaced Gamora stepped in to assist Nebula to trounce Thanos and save half of all life on Earth. If this alternate Gamora was part of He Who Remains’ original plan, it’s not clear. With the Lokis, he was given the opportunity to take a break from his time-keeping duties. And he had a similar plan for the daughter of Thanos as well. In either case, the TVA would be ignorant of these maneuvers.

History shows that He Who Remains has always kept his plans out of the reach of his followers. Except for Miss Minutes, wherein the holographic accomplice has been crafted as an orange anthropomorphic clock. According to his coding of events, he has TVA go about their business without knowing their true goals or their true master. If Doctor Strange 2 includes a variant being introduced, and more than one, it may be a matter of necessity by the time Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is released.

Watchdogs Of The Sacred Timeline

The multiverse as seen in Loki

The multiverse as seen in Loki

Gamora, like Loki, would be subject to a reset declaration. Barring some serendipitous intervention, she would be banished to the Void. It is here where she would await the oblivion promised by Alioth. Both Kang and He Who Remains seem to have found a use for the TVA. Nonetheless, it is unclear at this point whether they dictate identical mandates. Kang has made a name for himself by avoiding using figment intermediaries. This is so even though he appears to have left his henchmen with little guidance on how to carry out his plans as timelines multiply exponentially.

If they were following their initial directive, she would be one of those. Notwithstanding, they could be overwhelmed by the number of targets, they must now consider. Gunn may not feel compelled to revisit this area of Gamora anachronism, much less in relation to TVA. This is despite the interconnectedness of the MCU shepherds. Gamora’s return to the big screen could include a visit from the Sacred Timeline watchdogs, as precedent has already been set.

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