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Gamora’s Narrative Will Enable Thanos’ Secret Child To Exist In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 9,2022

Due to Gamora’s narrative, it is possible that Thanos’ hidden child from Marvel Comics is still alive someplace in the MCU. Thane was introduced in the 2010s and has appeared irregularly in a few Marvel Comics arcs. Thane is classified as both an Eternal and an Inhuman in the comics.

Thane’s Existence In The MCU



Thane was the focal point of a 2013 crossover named Infinity, in which the MCU’s heroes discovered Thane’s existence. The tale revolved around Thanos’ efforts to locate him since he felt Thane may one day assassinate him. Thanos is no longer alive in the MCU. Nonetheless, some have speculated that Marvel would still be interested in investigating his son on the big screen. After all, the MCU has only recently revealed Thanos’ younger sibling. Starfox, played by Harry Styles, makes his debut in one of Eternals’ two post-credits scenes. With the addition of Starfox to the MCU, it’s possible that additional members of Thanos’ family will make an appearance as well. Thane is one such candidate.

Marvel’s treatment of Gamora’s narrative in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, Infinity War, and Endgame enables the studio to explain Thane’s presence in the MCU. Thanos was protective of his adoptive offspring, but he may not have been so with Thane. Gamora was, as he revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy, his “favorite daughter.” His encounters with Nebula and Gamora demonstrated that he never treated his children the same way. It was no secret that he favored Gamora over Nebula. Given that Thanos is well-known for favoritism toward his children, it’s not inconceivable that he may have a biological child that was never a part of his MCU plot.

If Not A Healer, Then What Will Thane’s Powers Be?

Thane's powers

Thane’s powers

Thane was established in the comics to be a healer, which distinguishes him significantly from Thanos. If Thane in the MCU is not a warrior and does not possess the capacity to be as cold-blooded or as efficient as Gamora, it seems sensible that Thanos would toss Thane aside and forsake him. Thanos used his progeny as weapons. Furthermore, if he didn’t believe Thane in the MCU possessed the ability to follow in his footsteps, he could easily have discarded him long ago. As a result, Thane may have been raised in a distant world, apart from Thanos and his daughters. If this is the truth in the MCU, it explains why he was never addressed and why he was absent from Infinity War and Endgame.

As for whether Marvel will ever employ Thane in one of its next films, there is a possibility that he may fit into the MCU’s plans for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or Eternals 2. He could make an appearance during the Guardians’ search for Gamora, particularly given her strong ties to Thanos’ history. Alternatively, he could be shown to be a part of Starfox’s future appearances in the MCU.

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