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Garfield’s Spider-Man Vs. Venom Was Set Up Before The NWH Credits

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 24,2022

On NWH, the fight between Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom was set up before the credits even rolled. Even if Garfield was only there to aid Tom Holland’s hero in his fight against the MCU’s version of the interdimensional bad guys, his appearance in the film may have laid the groundwork for a future showdown with Eddie Brock.

Before NWH had an official title, rumors began swirling that Garfield and Tobey Maguire would be appearing in the threequel. The decision by Marvel Studios and Sony to remain tight-lipped only fueled rumors. A growing number of fans came to believe with increasing certainty that previous Spider-Man iterations would appear in NWH. In the months leading up to the movie’s release, Garfield was asked about the possibility of appearing in the MCU film. However, he was adamant that he wasn’t. That is, until the film’s release in December 2021, when his and Maguire’s involvement was officially confirmed.

Garfield’s Spider-Man Vs. Venom Is A Reality

Spiderman And Venom

Spiderman And Venom

For fans, the opportunity to see all three live-action versions of Spider-Man on the big screen was a real treat. This was all on top of how great Garfield was as Spider-Man in the crossover. There’s renewed interest in seeing the actor continue his stint as the superhero following the abrupt end of his stint following the cancelation of The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Amid the clamor, Sony has yet to officially respond. However, NWH may have already established Garfield’s Spider-Man fighting Venom. Throughout the film, Holland, and Maguire discuss their experiences fighting aliens, including Topher Grace’s Venom in Spider-Man 3 and Tobey Maguire’s involvement in the Avengers’ fight against Thanos and his henchmen in Avengers: Infinity War. On top of that, Garfield said he would like to face a villain from another planet. Sony could make this a reality by bringing him back as Spider-Man in its primary universe and pitting him against Tom Hardy’s Venom.

Garfield’s Spider-Man In ASM 3

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

Andrew Garfield Teases Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

Garfield, for his part, has expressed a desire to take on Tom Hardy’s Venom. This is the first time the actor can openly discuss his involvement in NWH after months of denying it. He’s grateful beyond words for the opportunity to reprise his role as Spider-Man, a superhero he’s always admired.

As for working with Maguire and Holland, he said he’d like to do more Spider-Man projects with them. Garfield is open to the idea of making a full comeback as Spider-Man. Regarding returning, he is looking for something “unique” and “very special.” His interest was aroused when he heard of the specific idea of taking on Venom and said it was “a cool idea.”

It’s almost as if Sony feels compelled to bring Garfield’s Spider-Man back to battle Venom because of the demand from fans and the narrative setup. It’s possible for Holland to coexist in the MCU with his own Spider-Man franchise. This will be so all thanks to the multiverse established in NWH. A new collaboration between them and even with Maguire is possible at some point in the future.

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