Gina Carano Calls For Open Discussion Amid Social Media Backlash

Gina Carano remains trending for not all the right reasons, but she is ready to open up and has talked about “Communication Over Cancellation” in her recent tweet. This Mandalorian actress has faced a lot of heat due to her opinions and statements released on social media, with some of her posts including support for Donald Trump’s voter fraud allegations and doubting the COVID-19 vaccines.

Carano remains steady on her statements and doesn’t seem to be shy about being more open with her opinions. Although in her recent tweet, she dialled the clock back a little when she posted a poll asking Twitter users their opinion on Covid Vaccine and whether they’ll get vaccinated. She made it clear, however, that she was looking for rational discussion, not any raged comments or reply wars, as it was the bottom line of her tweet coercing that communication over the cancellation to get educated together.

It was expected to see some hate comments or angered replies on her tweet, but still, many people comfortably engaged in a healthy and rational conversation, with most of them stating their stand on the question. Some felt comfortable with the vaccine, others against it, and many of them decided to wait and see how it’ll turn out. There may be a difference of opinions on this matter, but it was a rate to see positive discussion online.

There is also a celebrity with a similar point of view as Carano, the Black Panther actress Letitia Wright is also against the Covid vaccine. It was evident from fan backlash over her striking video share, and she would also face some heat from fellow MCU actor Don Cheadle. Large amounts of heat resulted in Wright’s decision to delete her social media accounts. On the other hand, Carano stands firm at her place, and she also has support from her co-actors like Pedro Pascal to keep her going.

Gina Carano is a part of Disney Plus special The Mandalorian and may appear in another series “Rangers of the New Republic”

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