Gina Carano Rumored To Be In Talk With Disney Over The Mandalorian Return

A couple of months ago in February, we saw Disney firing Gina Carano after continuous social media campaigns against her. This was the result of

By Ishita Chatterjee
May 6,2021
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A couple of months ago in February, we saw Disney firing Gina Carano after continuous social media campaigns against her. This was the result of Carano posting continuous inflammatory social media posts, even after fans, as well as the studio themselves, warned her about it. 

However, many see this firing as an attack against right-wing supporters. So there have been numerous campaigns from right-wing Star Wars fans till now to have her get rehired by Disney. For example, one petition has reached about 85k signatures and it’s still going up. So even though nothing has changed from Disney’s side, it could very well change if the signatures continue climbing up. 

Gina Carano
Gina Carano

Now, a new rumour has shown up after some weeks of peace saying that there’s been contact and talks between Gina Carano and the house of mouse. So let us get to know more about it in details: 

Gina Carano Back In Talks With Disney? 

YouTuber Overlord DVD says that “Hollywood agents” are saying that Disney has commenced talks with Carano. So there’s a “possibility” that she might return and reprise her role as Cara Dune in not just The Mandalorian, but also its other spin-offs. 

Also, he says that he obviously backs Carano and even goes on to defend the post which ultimately resulted in the loss of her career. However, Overlord DVD says that he doesn’t believe that this reconciliation will ever end up happening because- “Disney certainly must have offended Gina” after they fired her.

Is This Rumour True? 

First of all, we will advise everyone to take this rumour with a huge pinch of salt. This is because we keep track of a lot of film scoopers and haven’t heard anything about reconciliation from any source till now. Most sources say that Disney isn’t even considering anything especially since they have a huge batch of Star Wars projects in development. So they are not worried that firing Carano will negatively affect any show let alone The Mandalorian. 

As such, those who are busy in fan campaigns to get Gina rehired are truly just wasting their time. Also, we must say that Carano herself has shot herself in the foot when it comes to any reconciliation chances by continuously hitting back at the studio. 

She has accused the studio of bullying and partiality since her co-star Pedro Pascal was not fired for his political views. Obviously, it looks like there’s no bridge anymore between Carano and Disney. Also, it’s better if we all just never listen to anyone named- Overlord DVD of all things ever again. 

Losing Gina was certainly a sizeable blow for The Mandalorian. However, the fact that Disney had to fire her clearly indicates the fact that they felt that the show and the studio will be better off without her controversial presence. Now the question is- how will her exit be handled? Will her character get killed off or simply get recast? These answers can only be given by season 3. 

Source: Bounding Into Comics