Gina Carano Seemingly Teases Fans To Star Wars Return With New Photo

Gina Carano’s inflammatory tweets and posts even after Disney’s repeated warnings resulted in her Star Wars career coming to a sudden halt when she was

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 17,2021
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Gina Carano’s inflammatory tweets and posts even after Disney’s repeated warnings resulted in her Star Wars career coming to a sudden halt when she was fired by the company earlier this year. With this firing, her role in The Mandalorian as well as any spin-offs she was set to appear in got scrapped as well. 

What she got in return was unending social media controversy but not much in terms of new projects. However, Carano’s loyal fans haven’t given up. They have continued pushing Disney and urged them to reverse their firing decision through various campaigns. 

Some rumours have stated that the actress has been in talks with the company about starting afresh. We have no idea whether those rumours are true or not, but Carano’s latest post will surely give her fans hope that she might return as Cara Dune. 

Gino Carano

What Photo Did Gina Carano Post? 

The actress shared an interesting image on her Twitter page and it does have Star Wars vibes to it. In the picture, there’s a hooded figure (it can be Carano herself) and she is standing on a Tatooine-like landscape watching a trinary sunset. 

This was enough to make fans excited about a possible return to the galaxy far far away. But there’s more that makes the post intriguing. The former MMA star didn’t add any further comment. So it seems like she wants people to interpret it as a Star Wars signal. 

Is Gina Carano Returning As Cara Dune? 

If she does comes back, then it won’t be entirely surprising since an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls season 6 featuring her aired on Disney Plus recently even though the studio tried to bury it. However, airing one episode featuring her is different from bringing her back to a high profile Star Wars show for repeat appearances. 

Fans should also keep in mind that Disney had pretty strong words for Carano’s politically inflammatory social media posts. The studio called it- “unacceptable and abhorrent”. As a result, Carano too hit back at them and accused the house of mouse of bullying her and other actors. 

This back and forth resulted in the relationship between the two getting soured. But months have passed since. So it’s definitely possible that talks have resumed between the two parties and there could be a reconciliation. 

As a result, this Star Wars-like image could be a sign of things to come. However, we think that it’s not a Star Wars project under Disney. It’s more likely to be a Star Wars-esque project that the fired star is developing on her own. This will allow her to dabble in Sci-fi and develop what she wants without studio interference. In fact, this project has been reported on before as well. 

But there’s still hope for a proper reconciliation between the studio and Carano. So the actress can definitely come back to the real Star Wars universe again with The Mandalorian. Also, season 3 of the show still hasn’t begun production and could take a year or two to arrive. So right now, what happens next remains to be seen. 

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