Gorr's Intentions: Why The God Butcher Wants To Kill The Gods In Thor 4
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Gorr’s Intentions: Why The God Butcher Wants To Kill The Gods In Thor 4

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 26,2022

What are Gorr’s intentions? Scream at the Almighty! The second Thor: Love and Thunder trailer shows Butcher’s contempt for the gods. One of the most dangerous foes that Thor and his allies have ever faced in the MCU is Gorr, played by Christian Bale. A cosmic killing spree by Gorr, armed with All-Black, the Necrosword, puts the lives of the gods of all pantheons in jeopardy.

Marvel has finally revealed Thor 4’s villain after ignoring him in the first trailer. Also shown in the trailer was a glimpse of his character’s role in the movie. In Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr’s conflict with the gods will play a central role. Gorr, a Marvel Comics character, despised the gods and wished them all to be killed.

Thus, he went on the hunt and slaughtered an untold number of gods throughout the Marvel Universe. Thor, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, Valkyrie, and Korg appear to be the only ones who can stop him, according to the MCU’s version of events. It’s anyone’s guess how far he’ll make it before they find a way to stop him.

Gorr’s Intentions Have Deeper Meaning

In the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Marvel explained why Gorr’s intentions are such that he wants to kill the gods. “The only ones who gods care about is themselves”, Gorr says in the video. To a large extent, this statement captures his deep-seated hostility toward the gods, but it only scratches the surface. Comic books depict Gorr’s childhood in a bleak setting. Worried about their dwindling food supply and their own starvation, Gorr and his people turned to the gods for guidance and protection.

However, the gods they prayed to didn’t respond to their supplications. It was after he lost his family that Gorr concluded that the existence of gods was a hoax. When he realized they were real, he became enraged at their inaction.

Gorr’s desire for vengeance stemmed from their belief that their abilities made them obligated to protect those who revered them. The gods, he believed, were to blame for the tragedies that befell his homeworld because they were too self-centered to provide for the needs of mortals. Gorr, on the other hand, considered all gods to be the same.

Altering Thor’s Perceptions


Gorr Faces Off Thor And The Asgardians In New Promo Art For Thor 4

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder suggests that he will feel the same way about the gods as his comic book counterpart. With that in mind, Gorr’s MCU backstory is likely to be very similar to his Marvel Comics origin story.

When you consider what the MCU is doing with Thor right now, Gorr’s appearance in the MCU comes at an interesting time. In the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor stated that he wanted to use his hands as “tools for peace.” This contradicts what Gorr believes about the gods.

Gorr’s arrival could profoundly alter Thor’s perceptions of what it means to be a god, and this could spur him on to greater service to the universe through the use of his powers.

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