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Gorr’s Minions: What Christian Bale’s Villain’s Minion Look Like In Thor 4

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 21,2022

Seeing Cate Blanchett’s Hela wield what appeared to be Gorr the God Butcher’s Necrosword in Thor: Ragnarok disappointed many fans. Fans were led to believe that Gorr would never appear in the MCU again. This is so especially after his most iconic exchange with Thor was used instead of Hela.

There was one tiny glimmer of hope that Hela’s minions would be renamed as Asgardian undead warriors: Gorr’s Black Berserkers in the comics. Some speculate that the vengeful alien and his offspring were to play a larger role later on within Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Love and Thunder’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher, was revealed to be a fan favorite years later. With the latest teaser trailer, it appears that Gorr’s enforcers from the comics are attacking New Asgard in the Ragnarok sequel.

New Asgard is under attack by Gorr’s Minions.

When Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailers end, not only does it show Natalie Portman in the role of Thor, but it also shows what appear to be Gorr’s minions, the Black Berserkers.

Gorr Villain

Gorr Villain

Black, reflective creatures with teeth and tentacles fight New Asgard residents behind Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

Gorr Minion

Gorr Minion

They even have white jagged teeth, similar to Venom’s, unlike their completely black and gooey comic counterparts, as can be seen upon closer inspection.

Marvel Studios Thor

Marvel Studios

When Gorr’s weapon, the Necrosword, was used by Knull to create symbiotes, it was considered the first symbiote ever created by the god of darkness.

Black Berserkers Explained

Gorr Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Gorr’s weapon is unlikely to be linked to symbiotes or Knull because Marvel Studios does not fully own the symbiote’s rights. In any case, Gorr’s sword is expected to have the same powers as the comics, which means he can use it to create semi-sentient minions for himself. Pop! Gorr features him manipulating the black tendrils that trail behind him.

Now we know that Gorr has used the Necrosword, which is a “terrifying weapon” from the comics. More evidence that the sword’s origins and powers can be traced back to the Black Berserkers’ appearance in the comic books can be found in the teaser. Gorr is either attacking New Asgard himself, as it appears from Thor’s armor, or he sends a Berserker invasion in his place.

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