Game of Thrones

GOT Spin-offs: All Upcoming Projects That Are In Development

Many GOT spin-offs are on their way. Although Game of Thrones concluded two years ago, there are still stories to be told set in the world of Westeros. George R.R. Martin and HBO have agreed to collaborate on a number of spinoff projects as part of a development contract. Take a peek at all the shows currently under development.

House of the Dragon

This prequel series will premiere on August 21, 2022, and chronicle the narrative of the Dance of the Dragons, a violent civil war between the Houses Targaryen and Lannister that occurred hundreds of years before the events of GOT.

Although the fight in the Dance of Dragons is ostensibly about who will rule House Targaryen following the death of King Viserys, it also contains troops from the Lannister and Stark families, among others from the GOT universe.


In the planned spin-off, it has been widely reported that Kit Harington would play Jon Snow once again. Fan doubts were unfounded, as George R.R. Martin’s blog post “Snow… and Other Things” demonstrated.

This blog was inspired by rumors that first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter. It was kind of Martin to verify that the rumors were true and that the series is titled ‘Snow’. While not much is known yet, we have been informed that Emilia Clarke will not be joining the cast list.

The Sea Snake

The Sea Snake is the most developed of HBO’s rumored three spin-off series, which were announced in March 2021.  This potential spinoff would center on Corlys Velaryon, aka the Sea Snake, who is widely regarded as the finest seafarer in the history of the Seven Kingdoms of GOT.

Steve Toussaint is portraying that role in HOTD. How much overlap exists between the two spinoffs, and how will Toussaint manage to juggle them both spin-offs? Bruno Heller who is said to have pitched GOT spin-off concepts to HBO is really penning the pilot screenplay for The Sea Snake.

10,000 Ships

According to reports, HBO is also working on a series that would follow Princess Nymeria, an ancestor of House Martell who created Dorne, almost a thousand years before the events of GOT. As a renowned fighter, she was so revered in the GoT canon that her name was given to not one but two characters: Arya Stark’s direwolf, and Nymeria Sand, one of the Sand Snakes.

Martin has given this prequel the working title 10,000 Ships, after the military maneuver in which Nymeria torched all of her ships after leading her army from Essos to Dorne, making it impossible to turn back.

Dunk and Egg

It is probable that Martin’s novella series The Tales of Dunk & Egg is the most well-known narrative set in Westeros. These brief, single-point-of-view tales chronicle the adventures of the lowly hedge knight Ser Duncan the Tall and the masked Targaryen adolescent Aegon V, or Egg, as they perform acts of chivalry throughout the land.

Yi Ti

The Golden Empire of Yi Ti, one of Martin’s most exotic settings, will be the focus of a new spinoff, The country, which is modeled on imperial China, is on the other side of the globe from Westeros, and hence is shrouded in mystery to our protagonists.

Many fans believe that before Daenerys’ ancestors established the Valyrian Freehold, dragon riders called Yi Ti home.

9 Voyages

With this spinoff series, there would be a clear connection to House of the Dragon, unlike with Tales of Dunk and Egg or 10,000 Ships. It is expected that Steve Toussaint’s Lord Corlys Velaryon will appear in 9 Voyages, written by Bruno Heller. Despite the lack of details, Toussaint’s performance in House of the Dragon is a major factor in determining whether or not this series will be given the go-ahead.

Flea Bottom

The potential “Flea Bottom” spinoff would provide a realistic look at the lives of regular people in King’s Landing’s worst neighborhood. Fans have heard about Flea Botton from the experiences of a select few characters. Lord Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight, left his humble beginnings in Flea Bottom to pursue a life as a sailor on the Narrow Sea.

Animated Projects

Reports surfaced about an animated Westerosi drama being created for HBO Max. According to these reports, the show’s producers have already begun brainstorming with potential writers. However, no information regarding the show’s premise or contents has been made public.