Grand Admiral Thrawn Creator Breaks Silence On Live-action Debut In Ahsoka
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Grand Admiral Thrawn Creator Breaks Silence On Live-action Debut In Ahsoka

Timothy Zahn, The Creator Of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Speaks About The Villain’s Live-action Debut In The Star Wars Franchise

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 25,2023

Timothy Zahn, the creator of Grand Admiral Thrawn, spoke about Thrawn’s upcoming debut appearance in live-action. Thrawn is a character who appeared in the Star Wars novels set five years after Return of the Jedi. In these novels, what was left of the Empire was spearheaded by the cold, calculating Chiss strategist known as Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Timothy Zahn Responds To Live-Action Thrawn

Timothy Zahn

Speaking to Clone Web, Zahn discussed the news that his most famous Star Wars character will make the jump to live-action in Ahsoka on Disney+. Zahn noted that he’d be a little afraid of Thrawn not being written correctly if series producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau were not involved.

Zahn offered to help Filoni and Favreau in bringing the character to life, remarking that he has indeed met with Filoni regarding the direction in which the producer intends to move Thrawn.

Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels

Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels

Zahn recalled when he was told that Thrawn would be appearing in animation in Star Wars Rebels and how that was an “exciting” experience for him. The author stated that Rebels did his character justice, clarifying that the Thrawn who appeared in his books is essentially the same man who was portrayed in the show, just in a different type of setting.

Furthermore, Zahn spoke on the three in-canon novels that he wrote for Lucasfilm that featured the Grand Admiral as their primary character, commenting that the publisher wanted the story to be intrinsically connected to Star Wars Rebels.

Finally, looking ahead, Timothy Zahn explained that he’s eager to take on more Star Wars writing work, perhaps doing stories set between Rebels and Ahsoka.

What Will Thrawn’s Role Be In Ahsoka?

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Audiences will also be aware that Ahsoka Tano has been searching for Thrawn’s whereabouts, perhaps to acquire clues as to the location of Ezra Bridger as well. Beyond the Ahsoka series, with Dave Filoni confirmed to be directing a New Republic-era, MandoVerse crossover movie, logic suggests that Lucasfilm is positioning Mikkelsen’s Thrawn to be the big bad of that outing.