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Green Goblin’s Aggressive Fight Shown Off In New NWH Concept Photos

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 11,2022

Two years of internet-breaking announcements and leaks teasing the multiverse brought Spider-Man: No Way Home to the world. Even with all of its flaws, the three partners were a huge success for the MCU. The film drew in new audiences to the movies. It did so by pitting the Green Goblin against all three of the Spider-Men films.

Peter 3’s heroic rescue of Zendaya and Tobey Maguire’s reunion with Otto Octavius were just two of the many memorable moments in NWH that brought cheers from the Spider-Man fandom. It also had some of its most brutal scenes, one of which was Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin unleashing hell on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Ahead of the release of NWH, there were rumors that the film would feature the most intense Green Goblin action ever seen on the big screen. And without a doubt, it didn’t disappoint. The moment that changed the course of the story was recently highlighted through a series of concept art depicting a new look at the duel.

Concept Art Highlights Battle Between Spider-Man And The Green Goblin

Spiderman concept art 1

Spider man Down against Goblin

New concept art from NWH concept artist Marek Okon shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fighting Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

As seen in the first image, Spider-Man is lying on his back with shingles from the roof falling on his head and papers flying everywhere. “Final moments” of No Way Home’s intense struggle were teased in this photo’s accompanying caption:

“This feels like a proper Monday drop; Another concept for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Final moments of the fight with Goblin at Happys apartment building.”

Even though he’s wearing the revolutionary Integrated Suit, Holland’s hero is no match for the incoming foe.

One floor of Happy Hogan’s apartment complex is littered with rubble as Spider-Man and the Goblin are pummeled to smithereens. The following caption accompanied the post:

“And here’s our star-studded power couple just moments before they crashed through the ceiling.”

To prevent Peter Parker from giving him his cure, the Goblin is unleashing all of his might.

Spider-Man Is Pummeled By The Goblin

Spiderman concept ART 2

Spiderman Concept ART 2

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s main villain was rumored to be the Green Goblin. This is even though the MCU threequel’s Multiverse will feature five other deserving contenders. The return of Willem Dafoe’s antagonist, particularly as Peter sensed the character’s personality change in a split second before turning Happy’s apartment into a battleground, elevated that status.

With the Goblin, Dafoe could put Norman on “sabbatical” and show fans how terrifying his villain could really be. This was a great opportunity for him to showcase his acting abilities. As he punished Peter physically before killing Aunt May, he proved to be one of the most resilient characters in the entire MCU. This was even more so than Captain America.

Spider-Man’s cinematic history was brought to bear on the hero’s current situation in an action-packed and emotionally charged movie that had a lot going on. Even though the heroes came out on top, in the end, it wasn’t an easy road to get there. This is all thanks in large part to Spidey’s biggest arch-nemesis, the dreaded Electro.

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