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Green Goblin’s Formula Vs. MCU’s Super-Soldier Serum, Which Is Stronger?

By Soniya Hinduja
January 11,2022

Marvel Studios has finally presented the world with Spider-Man: No Way Home. Needless to say, the audiences are delighted. The film has ignited discussions about the threequel’s many connections related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s past, as well as the impending future. It is true that the Multiversal chaos and the previous universes’ Spider-Men stole the show. But there is one certain character whose return in No Way Home beguiled the fans. And it is none other than the Green Goblin. 

With No Way Home, Marvel Studios allowed Willem Dafoe to reprise his role as Norman Osborn. Osborn is no longer bound by the need to shield his act with a mask. So this time, the villain came out as a much denser character. Rather than once being a meme.

The internet has found intrigue in solving one particular debate surrounding the character. It discusses whether or not Osborn’s Green Goblin formula is stronger than Captain America’s Super-Soldier serum. Both the characters were once infused with some sort of a mysteriously powerful liquid. The liquid enhanced their capacities to reach superhuman levels. This is why it makes sense for fans to ponder on the fact that the two medications are functionally similar. So which comes out to be better at amplifying the character’s strength.

Captain America

Steve Rogers as Captain America

In order to come to a genuine conclusion, it is important to travel back to the point in time where the franchise introduced the formula. And then decide who tops the charts.

Goblin And Cap’s Muscle Strength

Green goblin

Green Goblin on his glider
Marvel Studios

A person’s physical strength is primarily determined by the intensity of their blow. So it is practical to first compare Captain America and Norman Osborn’s greatest hits. As it would serve as a solid measure to see which liquid has accomplished its purpose better. 

Firstly, let’s begin with the Goblin. If we closely look at his first fight with Peter in Happy’s apartment building, there are certain aspects to the way he uses his strengths. Basically, Norman’s punches are the kind that would totally send Peter’s Spider-Man flying across the hallway. 

But that is not a definitive comparison. Because apparently, Cap’s light blows match the Goblin’s in strength. So even if it is Cap hitting a punching bag so hard it flies off its chain in The Avengers. Or Cap sending a Nazi through the air like he’s nothing in The First Avenger. Steve Rogers’ superhero possesses the same level of physical strength when compared to Norman’s Gobby.  

The True Extent Of Their Powers

However, a true contrast would only be understood when both the character’s give out their entire force.

The Green Goblin’s biggest moment when it comes to a display of physical power happens in No Way Home when he smashes Peter through multiple concrete floors. It is true that science and gravity play a role in this scenario. But to exert this amount of strength is exceptional. Whereas Captain America’s strongest moment was undeniably the instance when he pulls the helicopter back from taking off. The scene revealed Cap’s double bicep curl in Captain America: Civil War. and impressively, he was able to hold on for quite a long time. 

Which out of the two scenes is appropriate grounds to certify for a muscle test is debatable. Although, smashing down so many layers of concrete appears to require more physical strength among the two. It is possible that the Cap could have effortlessly done the same. But the MCU never really portrayed him in the light of something that can demonstrate his dynamic powers. Especially when reflecting the strength derived with Norman’s formula. 

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Osborn’s Goblin Sustains A Few Blows

Osborn taking the Goblin formula in Spider-Man

Another factor that well defines someone’s strength is their ability for endurance. Both Goblin and Cap are more than capable of living though a couple kicks from their enemies.

If we consider Norman’s first fight with Spider-Man in the apartment complex once again, it is obvious that Gobby is not the least affected by Peter’s punches. If anything, as Peter constantly smacks the Green Goblin across the face, it only amuses him. In fact, phishing through a series of concrete floors doesn’t even cause him a breath.

The Green Goblin is no ordinary opponent. The scene showed how Norman is still in good condition after getting into such an intense duel. Moreover, he is pretty invested in torturing Peter, getting back on his glider, releasing a pumpkin bomb and leaving in style.

Cap’s Enduring Power Compared

Captain America vs. Iron Man

Captain America vs. Iron Man

If we place this fight against the engrossing fight betweenTony Stark and Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, we can realize how Cap is beaten up and bleeding after Iron Man gets his way with the super-soldier. It is true that Tony has his armor which causes more damage. But at the end of the day, Tony is just a normal human being who’s got a bunch of moves up his sleeves. Tony’s strength when compared to Cap’s is slightly under the value. So if Stark manages to bruise an enhanced Cap to this degree just says a lot about his capacity to endure. 

So if Steve has exhausted all his energy and is badly bruised after a battle with a regular person. And Normal can live through a superpowered encounter without so much as a scratch. Then it is pretty clear that the Goblin formula allows the user to regain more sustainability. Which means if Steve Rogers can do this all day, Norman Osborn can probably do this all week.

The Nerfed Goblin Formula Test

Nerfed Green Goblin
Marvel Studios

The scenario is a bit different when Aunt May injects Goblin with the anti-Goblin juice and Norman is nerfed. The side-effects of the weakening juice slipped in by May appear to be prominent in the final battle with Peter’s Spider-Man. When the two are dueling on Lady Liberty’s shield, Norman is clearly slipping.

Obviously, Gobby’s response time is on point in the beginning. This is clear when he effortlessly slips out of the way when Spider-Man attacks him. However, Goblin soon becomes more clumsy. And this is seen as the fight keeps on advancing. By the time he reaches the final showdown, Goblin is tired. Which is an upside-down situation compared to his previous durability. Still, not a single drop of blood is visible.

Hence, we can assume that when nerfed, the Goblin formula places Norman’s villain in the same position as Captain America. Especially when it comes to his durability in a fight. And yet, Osbon’s Green Goblin continues to stand out. This is because of his exceptional work on skin, which does not allow uncaring bloodshed. 

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The Final Verdict – Which Stands Stronger?

Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

In Essence, whatever Norman Osborn’s Goblin formula is composed of seems to have a lasting effect. And clearly, the mystery is working out well for him. Whereas Cap’s Super-Soldier serum gives him some pretty impressive qualities. However,  the Goblin formula cranks the amplification up a notch. And ultimately stands taller on the scale. Osborn’s Goblin is not just physically more powerful, but he is also more durable than Steve Rogers. And that stands true even after he and an anti-Goblin juice running in his bloodstream. 

As a final analysis, it is obvious that the Goblin formula is the stronger enhancer among the two.

However, there is one moral dilemma. Which one is the one to eventually take? Apparently, the Goblin formula, along with its many perks, comes with the downside of procuring a psychopathic urge to destroy. This paired with an uncontainable split personality disorder that costs the lives of almost everyone standing in the way. Considering this, the Super-Soldier serum is probably the safer, and better option. With that said, if someone has a knack for a thrill, maybe a formidable alter ego is worth taking the chance.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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