Grogu Set To Appear In Rey’s Star Wars Movie And Here’s How He Could Change The Jedi Forever

Star Wars fans are losing their minds over the possible appearance of Grogu in Rey’s new Jedi movie – could this little green guy hold

By Kunal Sharma
April 9,2023
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In the upcoming Star Wars movie, “New Jedi Order,” Rey Skywalker is set to rebuild the Jedi Order. Fans speculate that Grogu, the beloved character from “The Mandalorian,” will appear as one of her students. The timeline and events of current Star Wars shows make it seem unavoidable for Grogu to make an appearance. With “The Mandalorian” coming to an end, fans are eager to see what will happen to the famous little foundling.

Set 15 years after “The Rise of Skywalker,” “New Jedi Order” is sure to introduce many new Jedi recruits. However, the placement of the movie so far into the future leaves little room for many returning Jedi characters to make an appearance. Nevertheless, Grogu’s elongated lifespan due to his species makes it almost too perfect for him to make his first appearance as a fully-fledged Jedi.

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Grogu’s story is set to be a long one, just like Yoda’s, as he is still only a fraction of Yoda’s 900 years. Though he has already once chosen the Way of the Mandalore over the way of the Jedi, this does not prevent him from becoming a master of both. His Mandalorian teachings provide him with great strength on his path to becoming a Jedi Knight, and his time spent with Din Djarin has taught him a sense of loyalty that previous Jedi orders would view as problematic.

As one of Disney’s most valuable pieces at this point in time, Grogu represents a whole new generation of fans brought into the Star Wars fandom through “The Mandalorian.” Additionally, his character is still considered a child, leaving an unfathomable amount of room for him to grow and become the face of Disney’s Star Wars.


Grogu’s involvement in “New Jedi Order” could help Rey avoid the mistakes of previous Jedi orders. His rejection of the old ways of connecting to the Force through detachment shows that there may be another way. With his contributions, a new generation of Jedi could embrace their attachments instead of shunning them.

If Grogu were to appear in “New Jedi Order,” he would be approximately 90 years old. While there is still much to be determined about his future, fans are excited to see what will happen to the beloved character in the upcoming Star Wars movie.