Grogu Will Reportedly Get His Own Lightsaber In The Mandalorian
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Grogu Will Reportedly Get His Own Lightsaber In The Mandalorian

By Kunal Sharma
March 11,2021

Grogu is one of the biggest reasons why viewers watch and follow Mandalorian. Unfortunately in season 2 of the show, he had to be separated from Din Djarin and go off with Luke Skywalker for his training. This has made many people wonder how the show will continue both Djarin and Grogu’s story in the next season.

The Separation Of Din Djarin And Grogu Made Sense

It must be said that this separation was something which the show was building towards. After all, for the first two seasons, we have been seeing Grogu carry out impossible tasks since he can use the Force. Due to this, he needs training so that he can defend himself as well as his loved ones.

Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

But, in Chapter 13, titled The Jedi, it was shown that Grogu can indeed go to the evil dark-side if the circumstances are wrong. After all, the same thing happened to Anakin Skywalker almost 20 years ago. However, the difference is that Grogu is now with Luke Skywalker and we are certain that things will turn out a little different this time.

Grogu With A Lightsaber In Season 3?

Grogu With Yoda

Grogu With Yoda Fan Art

The biggest question right now is- how will Mando and his baby be reunited again in the future? Of course, there has been a tonne of theories from fans. But one of the most notable ones was from insider and film scooper Daniel Richtman. He said on his Patreon account that baby Yoda will indeed return as a trainee Jedi with his own lightsaber.

Grogu With Lightsaber Fan Art

Grogu With Lightsaber Fan Art

Now, this can surprise some if this scoop ends up being true. But it is indeed possible. After all, the series would just have to take a time jump for this to happen. However, what will happen in the meantime and how Grogu will look is left to be seen. But many tend to think that he will be looking like Master Yoda more.

However, readers should exercise a bit of caution since Richtman doesn’t really specify when this event is about to occur. Yet, we are excited by this intriguing prospect and hope to see it come true in season 3 itself. But if this doesn’t end up happening, then we would like to see Grogu and Din Djarin reunite in season 3 of The Mandalorian at least.

Source: Patreon

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