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Grogu’s Mystery Savior Jedi Revealed In This Mandalorian Season 3 Theory

Since when Baby Yoda got introduced in The Mandalorian this has been a nagging issue for Star Wars fans. Grogu was already 50 years old when viewers first met him in the Disney+ show’s premiere episode, meaning he lived through Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. That information was later determined by Ahsoka Tano in season 2 of The Mandalorian, who also discovered that Grogu was raised on Coruscant’s Jedi Temple.

Fans have become even more speculative about Grogu’s past as a result of these revelations. Luckily, a new fan theory reveals the Jedi name who might be responsible for taking Grougu out of the Jedi temple.

The Theory

A Redditor named ‘therealgundambael’ has made some interesting statements. He stated that Quinlan Vos was the one who saved Grogu from certain death on Coruscant. To support their story, the Redditor claims that Vos would have been exceptionally qualified to creep into the Jedi Temple and get Grogu out, and also keep him alive and concealed subsequently, due to his vast experience of going undercover.

Quinlan Vos

When Grogu was discovered by Din Djarin in The Mandalorian pilot, he was being watched by Niktos, most of whom operate for the Hutt Clan, which would link back to Vos’ ties with the crime syndicate.


Quinlan Vos- Who Is He And Where Did He Come From?

Quinlan Vos, a Jedi in the final days of the Republic, was particularly known for being far more of a law-breaker than most of the other Jedis at that time. He was a specialist tracker, able to read memories of other people by touching their handled items, and he was often assigned tasks that brought him to the crime syndicate of the galaxy.

Quinlan Vos

With a mission to recapture ‘Ziro the Hutt’ and catch the bounty hunter named Cad Bane, who had released Ziro from prison in Clone Wars, Vos joined forces with Kenobi. In the end, the duo did not succeed in their quest, but on Obi-Wan and Star Wars fans, Vos made an everlasting impression.

Likewise, The book Dark Disciple of Star Wars (which took place in the war later), states the works of Vos, who is instructed to murder Count Dooku by the Jedi Council.  Vos then works together with Asajj Ventress to do this. Asajj Ventress was Dooku’s original student, who helped him go in hiding and started teaching him the methods of the force’s dark side.

Quinlan Vos And Obi Wan In Clone Wars

The two later fell in love finally only because of the death of Ventress by count Dooku, who saved Vos hoping that he would return to the Force’s light side. Vos then went around the galaxy and fought the Wookiees at Kashyyyk, commanding and heading military force during the remainder of the war.

One character of key significance, who both people within the Star Wars Universe and many fans think is one of the few Jedi survivors in The Purge is Vos. Many people also think that the one who might have taken Grogu from the shrine is none other than Vos.


Quinlan Vos is one of the most fascinating of all the character which fans speculated may have saved Grogu. The attitude and techniques of the character made him stand out in The Clone Wars, but still, he is not a famous character from Star Wars. However, that does not stops him from appearing in The Mandalorian Universe.

Jon Favreau and the rest of the production team from Mandalorian have proved time and again that they are ready to use obscure character and plot points of animated shows and books in their live-action shows. Indeed, one can argue that for more casual fans, the ability of The Mandalorian to read deep Star Wars references was one of its biggest forces. That means there is a possibility that Quinlan Vos might appear in the show as Grogu’s mystery savior.

Source: Reddit

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