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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Filming Details Revealed By Chris Pratt

By Meghna Dugar
July 2,2021

James Francis Gunn, the director of famous movies such as Slither, SUPER, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1, 2, 3, and also the Suicide Squad is one of the busiest directors in recent times. He entered the galaxy of Marvel Cinematic Universe when he was assigned to direct the hit of 2014, Guardians of Galaxy and since then he has directed the 2nd volume of the series and it is reported that he is also going to direct its 3rd volume. 

During the Disney investor’s day in December 2020 the president of the Marvel Studios,  Kevin Feige had announced that along with the other Marvel Project, the third volume of the series is on the way. Currently, James Gunn is said to be occupied in filming the HBO Max series, Peacemaker at the DC Universe. Soon, he will be starting with the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy which will be premiered on 5th May 2023 and thus returning to the  Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

guardians of the galaxy

The 3rd volume seems to a little bit, delayed due to the Pandemic, and then firing of Gunn back in 2018 due to the tweets he posted although he was rehired in 2019, and his involvement in various other projects. With their announcement of the official date, it seems that they still have plenty of time before the launch of the project. 

The lead actor of Guardian of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt who plays the role of Star-Lord was  seen in the Jimmy Kimmel live where he gave a spoiler alert that the filming will begin at the  end of the year indicating that the span of the production would be from November 2021 to  April 2022,

“We will be shooting that at the end of this year and the beginning of next year,  so like November to maybe April.” 

James Gunn

Kimmel then asked Pratt about the script or any other information that he knew about the  film, and on this, the actor replied that the script was written years ago but the filming was somehow procrastinated but he is now excited that James Gunn would be directing this film,

“Yes, well the script was written years ago because we were going to do it years ago,  and due to unforeseen circumstances and then a pandemic – I can’t – I don’t even really  remember what happened, but for some reason we didn’t shoots it, and it will be directed  by James Gunn, that’s really f***ing cool!” 

guardians of the galaxy

It can be said that not only Pratt is excited about the return of the director to the Marvel,  but also the fans, in fact after reading the script Karen Gillan has also said that it’s the best of the trilogy. The third volume of the series will star Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Zoe  Saldana, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Debicki, Pom Klementieff, and Sean Gunn. 

With the success of the first two films of the trilogy, it is not tough to anticipate that how excited the fans would be. The enthusiasm and excitement of Pratt show that how eager he is to jump back to the character of Star-Lord and to take on whatever the director and the team have planned for this series. As the project was announced during the Disney investor’s day, it was quite discouraging for the fans that the release date was so far away and also the pandemic causing further more delay.  

guardians of the galaxy

Hearing that filming will begin at the end of this year, 2023 seems forthcoming. Well, other projects such as Wanda Vision, Black Widow, Eternals and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, had already released this year to make you feel enthusiastic. Guardians of the  Galaxy Holiday Special and I Am Groot are yet to release. Hopefully, if no other circumstances come up in between the film and the release date then the wait is no longer to see the hilarious team of heroes on screen.

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