Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows Off Her Insane Physique

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin recently astonished social media with a compilation of insane bikini photos from her recent tropical vacation!

The five-time gold medalist gymnast is well renowned for her mind-blowing Instagram photos, and this is no exception. The gymnast-turned-influencer joined a slew of other celebs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for New Year’s Eve festivities.

In a stunning string bikini, Nastia Liukin melts down in Cabo, Mexico!

Of course, it’s gorgeous down there this time of year, so Nastia provided us with a plethora of smoking hot bikini images! “Sporty spice, but make it Cabo,” Nastia captioned the first of several gorgeous photos. The vacation appears to be over, but the Olympian continues to tweet photos from it, including the most recent one with the remark, “Mentally still here.”

Nastia appears in the images wearing a variety of string bikinis, including a black two-piece that leaves nothing to the imagination. In the second post, Nastia flaunts her gorgeous backside in a light purple outfit while strolling on the beach. Finally, the gymnast proved she still has it by wearing a strapless outfit that showed off her ripped abs. The best part is that Nastia added a video of herself packing for the New Year’s Eve trip. There’s also another fire engine red bikini photo in there!

Olympian Nastia Liukin Shows That She Is Still in Top Gymnast Shape!

We don’t know if Nastia was paid to wear these lovely bikinis, but we do know she’s made quite a career out of her Instagram page. According to a recent interview, Nastia acknowledged that her principal source of revenue is from social media brand endorsement deals. The Olympian has several lucrative contracts in place, including hair products and apparel.

Of course, she remains active in the gymnastics field, and she recently joined NBC at the Toyko Games.

Check Out This Mind-Blowing Image!

Nastia spoke candidly about the “pressure” she faced as a young Olympian and the lessons she’s learned since quitting the sport in 2012. “It’s difficult not to put pressure on yourself because you know you’ve prepared your entire life essentially for almost this one goal and desire.” As a result, there are anxiety, pressure, and expectations,” she told People.

“Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know for me specifically, I really really want to make people proud, and it was far more than the ultimate result,” he added. I understood that’s not the case – we’ll never be characterised by a medal, a medal count, a job title, and income, a relationship, or anything else.”

Source: The Blast

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