Harrow Is Dead: Moon Knight Writer Confirms Arthur Harrow’s Death

Is Arthur Harrow really dead? Disney Plus’s Moon Knight was the MCU’s first appearance for the title character. Many viewers have waited decades for a Moon Knight adaptation and couldn’t be happier with Disney Plus’s offering. Some viewers may have wondered what happened to Ethan Hawke’s character, Arthur Harrow, as they waited to see what the future holds.

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have hypothesized that Arthur Harrow is still alive even though the villain seems to have been killed off-screen. Jeremy Slater, the writer of Moon Knight, has now spoken up about his feelings and intentions about the topic.

With Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow seemingly gone for good after spending a whole season of Moon Knight fighting Khonshu, the title character may finally have met his match. Jake Lockley made his debut appearance and shot Harrow without consulting Steven or Marc’s moral compass in the season finale.

Writer Gives Spoiler That Harrow Is Dead

Ethan Hawke’s Villain Arthur Harrow In Marvel’s Moon Knight

Fans have speculated that Harrow may have survived and returned to the show since his death wasn’t given the emphasis it deserved in the episode. It does not seem to be the case.

Even while the last cut of the camera leaves the door open for Harrow to return if Marvel so chooses, Hawke’s lead writer Jeremy Slater recently told The Playlist that he always considered that moment to be the villain’s final curtain call.

During the show’s last showdown with Harrow, Steven and Marc’s third personality emerges. Jake Lockley is that character; he is the one who murders Harrow.

“I don’t know. In my mind, he’s dead. But again, the person who gets to answer that is whoever kind of tells the next Moon Knight story.”

Harrow’s Confirmed Death Is Yet To Be Announced

Any announcements on Harrow’s future will, of course, have to wait until we find out how the rest of the MCU develops. Even with the first season’s success, it is still uncertain whether or not Moon Knight will be renewed for a second or whether it will be one of the few Marvel Cinematic Universe shows to stand on its own.

Meanwhile, four of Ms. Marvel’s six episodes have been made accessible to view on Disney+. Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi, will be the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film to hit theaters, while She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut on Disney+ thereafter.