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Has Disney+ Cancelled Spider-Man: Freshman Year?

Is Spider-Man : Freshman Year Getting Cancelled After The Marvel Studios Is Making Internal Cutdowns

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 17,2022

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con featured another Marvel Studios Hall H panel that stole the show. We had first glimpses into everything from X-Men ’97 to Marvel Zombies, and we also saw a preview of Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

Problems At The Marvel Studios Animation Department

Marvel Studios Animation

Marvel Studios Animation

Reports have stated that Marvel Studios Animation is experiencing a significant number of internal cutbacks and that the studio won’t approve new seasons of animated series until the ones that are already in development are successful. This is largely because animated television series take so long to construct. It also means that the MCU’s latest push into animated stories may never get off the ground.

Is Spider-Man : Freshman Year Is Getting Axed ?



Various reports claim that Freshman Year will still debut in 2024. The possibility of cancellation has been discussed inside the studio, but no action has been taken.

The Sophomore Year, or season 2, of the freshman year could be at risk. Disney will monitor fan interest and how the show will perform in the studio’s digital division. Budget cuts at Marvel Studios resulted in the development of this step.

It appears that financial cuts are taking place, putting these animated projects at least in part in jeopardy as a result of the MCU’s rapid expansion.

Spider-Man : Freshman Year Will Definitely Happen

Spiderman : Freshman Year

Spiderman : Freshman Year

The currently scheduled freshman year doesn’t appear to be at risk. It is worrying that the possibility of cancellation has been raised. But viewers who want the show to keep focusing on Peter Parker’s high school years must show their support from the start.

It will become more important to be selective about which projects get the go-ahead and which get follow-ups as the MCU grows. Therefore, waiting to formally start with continuations until the demand has been established will probably pay off for the studio.

Since the first Spider-Man The Animated series aired in 1967. Spider-Man : Freshman Year will be the eleventh, and third since 2017. Therefore, it is obvious that the character has a lengthy history of success in animation, which suggests that its chances of being renewed are good.


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