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Hayden Christensen Will Reportedly Feature Scenes Without Vader’s Helmet In Upcoming Obi-Wan Series

By Kunal Sharma
December 20,2020

Hayden Christensen’s last appearance was in such a Star Wars scene where he had to face defeat against Obi-Wan Kenobi( Ewan Mcgregor) and as a result, he was being thrown into Darth Vader’s suit. Although the ending scene remains a memorable one with a long ‘Nooooo!’ chant, voiced by James Earl Jones.

With the recent proceedings in Star Wars Universe, it is confirmed that Hayden will be in recurring roles for Disney Plus shows and movies and this also confirms the rumor that shows would give references to The Clone War. Speculation seems to be almost true now because if Darth Vader was to be featured in full armor and mask, then the production could choose from multiple options instead of Hayden showing his face.

Hayden Christensen

They already have Spencer Wilding and Daniel Naprous who’ve performed the feat in Rogue One and there is Jones with his world-famous dubbing voice with all the details. So it seems obvious that an unmasked Vader (Hayden Christensen) is going to appear in the show.

The same is suggested by recent leaks that Obi-Wan will have Christensen playing Vader without his mask and thus a fully uncovered face will be seen to audiences. One thing which is still not known whether Hayden will be restructured with skilled makeup and retouch work, similar to what was seen in the Revenge Of The Sith, or he may appear in a series of past appearances.

Darth Vader is such a famous and unanimous character that it’ll still beloved by Star Wars fans all around the world. That’s why LucasFilm may be looking to cast the most recent and known character which is from the last Star Wars prequel trilogy, to cash in on his face and persona.

Kathleen Kennedy (the president of LucasFilm) has also been referring to what has been a match made in heaven, with the best fight in all of galaxies re-happening between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader, and fun gets no less even if we know the outcome from A New Hope. The show is in its creative freedom to take it in a new direction or even fill up the difference between episodes 3 & 4.

Source: Bounding Into Comics

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