HBO Boss Casey Bloys Leaks Info On Future Game of Thrones Spin-offs

Game of Thrones was HBO’s biggest success so far. What is HBO planning for the franchise’s future? HBO CEO Casey Bloys slips out info.

By Pratyush Singh
October 30,2022
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The good news is that there are going to be more spin-offs of Game of Thrones. Casey Bloys, the Chairman and CEO of HBO, is very happy with how Game of Thrones had played out and the tremendous success that it brought HBO. It was for the first time, that a TV series made people stop talking about Breaking Bad and Casey Bloys isn’t gonna let the Game of Thrones brand name so easily.

Even before the last season of Game of Thrones was out, there were rumours that HBO would release four spin-offs. The exact number of Game of Thrones spin-offs may vary, but there will certainly be more, as confirmed by Casey Bloys while speaking with ‘Vulture.’ Let’s see what the HBO boss said.


Game of Thrones Spin-Offs Discussed By HBO CEO, Casey Bloys

Casey Bloys
Casey Bloys

House of the Dragon was a huge success for HBO, so people would think that HBO would want to keep it going with more Game of Thrones spinoffs. HBO boss Casey Bloys disclosed to Vulture that although the next Game of Thrones development will be season two of House of the Dragon, more spinoffs remain in the works. Bloys said:

“I think probably the next thing would be season two. I try not to comment too much [on] development, so there’s not a whole lot to say, other than when we find the story that George is happy with and we’re happy with, we’ll move forward.”

Once Bloys was asked if HBO greenlit one more spinoff, we could very well need to get another chapter in the Game of Thrones debacle every year. It does make sense for HBO to release one Game of Thrones spin-off at a time, as producing multiple series may break HBO’s budget. Casey Bloys agrees as he said just this, in a recent New York City press event. Bloys said;

“The good news is that everything you do (connected with GoT) becomes news. Any script that is developed or script that is pitched becomes news and it inevitably gets reported and people assume they are in production. Only House of the Dragon is in production, the rest is in development, and we will make a decision. Nothing else is greenlit but a lot of interesting (projects are in) development.”

House of the Dragon is one of several series being developed by HBO in the Game of Thrones universe. A ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ prequel series is also rumoured to be in the works. So now it appears that Warner Bros. and HBO will be involved in the Game of Thrones franchise for a lot longer than Game of Thrones fans thought.


A Jon Snow Spin-Off Is A Strong Game of Thrones Spin-Off Contender

Jon Snow as shown in Game of Thrones
Jon Snow as shown in Game of Thrones

In one of his blog posts (ironically called ‘Not A Blog’), Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin discussed a Jon Snow spin-off, that is currently under discussion. He confirmed in the blog that he worked on the TV series with Kit Harington (who played Jon Snow) as well as two other writers, whose names have not been disclosed. Martin posted on his blog that he couldn’t expose who would write the series, but that Kit Harington’s crew is fantastic. It was Harrington himself who had brought the idea to the showrunners and had formed his team consisting of able writers.

Jon Snow discovered his real identity as Aegon Targaryan, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, in season 8 of Game of Thrones. Jon was compelled to pick banishment in the Night’s Watch after killing his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen, to retain her from gaining power. Rather than remaining with the Night’s Watch, Jon journeyed north of the Wall to reside with the free folk and his dire wolf Ghost. According to reports, the series will concentrate on what occurred after these incidents.