HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Cast Dina And She Has Already Cameoed In Episode 6!

Episode 6 of The Last of Us has a cameo by Dina and it will make any fan of the video games raise their eyebrows!

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 20,2023
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Episode 6 of HBO’s “The Last of Us” is breaking hearts all over social media as fans are sobbing over Joel and Ellie’s story. But along with progressing the stories of our two main character, the episode also introduced another beloved character who was seen in The Last of Us Part 2 game- Dina. So let us tell you who has been cast in the role and what scene she was in.

Who Plays The Character In The Latest Episode?

Paolina van Kleef
Paolina van Kleef

Dina is the romantic interest of Ellie in Part 2 of the game. She accompanies Ellie on her revenge mission and later on, the two of them, along with Dina’s son, stay on a ranch and raise sheep. So for a little while they get to live the idyllic dream that Joel wanted.

In episode 6, Paolina Van Kleef plays the character. It’s interesting to note that in the end credits she is credited as just the ‘Staring girl.’ So it isn’t confirmed if she is playing Dina or not, but all hints point to the fact.

However, the show can recast the character in season 2 since there’s a 5 year time jump coming. But since the show is keeping Bella Ramsey as Ellie in season 2, so Paolina can stay on too.

Dina In The Last Of Us Episode 6

Dina in episode 6 of The Last of Us
Dina in episode 6 of The Last of Us

When Joel and Ellie are eating with Maria and Tommy, there’s a girl in a white winter coat who peeks at them. Ellie shouts “What?” at the girl and she quietly scuttles away.

While the scene seemed unremarkable to ordinary viewers, fans of the games quickly caught on to who she might have been. And it’s all thanks to a dialogue from The Last of Us Part 2.

In the game, Dina tells Ellie that the first time she saw her, she was stuffing beef jerky in her pockets. However, nothing as such happens in the episode. But it’s clear that Ellie was gobbling up her food in the mess hall because she was hungry.

So the scene in the show could be inspired from that dialogue. Soon after the episode aired, the hashtag #WasThatDina trended on Twitter. After all, many people were wondering if the girl really was Dina.

In the official podcast for The Last of Us podcast, showrunner Craig Mazin cheekily implies that the girl could be Dina. Referring to the scene he said:

“Somebody is staring at Ellie, wonder who that could be. Theoretically or not, we will find out later one day.”

While he doesn’t outright confirm who that is, but his tease seems to make it clear that it’s Dina.

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