Heidi Klum Bares Her Bottom As She Goes Naked

Heidi Klum, a German-American model, couldn’t resist baring her peach rear end to the camera as she stripped naked for a series of raunchy photos.

Earlier this week, the 48-year-old actress was busy getting into the holiday spirit with husband Tom Kaulitz, posing for a naked photoshoot on their home’s spiral staircase. Heidi’s hourglass curves were visible from the bottom up as she showed off her perky derrière and a little side-boob in the Christmas photos she shared with her 8.9 million Instagram followers.

As she tried to coax Tom back under the sheets, the model wrapped a long white sheet around her naked body and dragged it behind her like a bridal train on the stairs, her golden hair cascading down her back. “Let’s go back to bed,” she jokingly captioned the photoset, but hubby Tom probably didn’t need much convincing. Heidi’s beautiful home was also a sight to behold, decked out with a bright pink chandelier and Christmas garlands twined around the banisters heading upstairs, yet it couldn’t quite match her bold style.

As the celebrity led the way back to bed, a polished wooden floor and cozy furnishings, including a tasseled lampshade, could be seen in the backdrop. Heidi didn’t seem to have the energy to get dressed later, as she lounged on the stairs wrapped in her comforter – still absolutely naked – with Tom and their puppy, Irish Wolfhound Anton.

However, she wore a Santa hat with her name inscribed on it as she bared her toned legs and one foot for the camera. Later, the starkers actor shared a tender kiss with her bearded husband, who was dressed in a tortoiseshell dressing gown and had his hair tied up in a knot. Heidi also gave followers a peek into her Christmas routine by posing in matching jammies with Tom and the rest of her family, which included youngsters Leni, Lou, and Henry.

The entire family donned matching Christmas hats with their names on them as they stood around a Christmas tree decorated with red lights and baubles – and all seven members of the family wore matching navy blue PJs with Santa faces on them. For the adorable family photo caption, Heidi wrote her followers, “Happy Holidays!”

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Heidi Klum