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Heidi Klum Wears No Underwear And Flaunts Her Long Legs

By Alankar Nayak
January 12,2022

Heidi Klum struck out in a gorgeous yellow Dundas dress with a sky-high slit that displayed her fantastic physique during a fashion presentation on Monday.

The 48-year-old beauty wore no panties in her video clip as she spun around in the laced-up appearance. Heidi stood in an inconspicuous room corner, flaunting every inch of her provocative attire. The bright yellow dress went all the way to the ground, but it was far from modest, with a slit to the top of her back.


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The dress was laced up in a crisscrossing manner that revealed a lot of skin. The former Project Runway host also accentuated her 5ft9 frame with open-toe heels. Her beautiful golden locks cascaded down her back. Heidi whirled around in the slow-motion video, tousling her hair and holding it up before letting it fall back down.


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She used Marilyn Monroe’s breathy rendition of I want to Be Loved By You from the iconic cross-dressing comedy Some Like It Hot as the video’s soundtrack. Heidi said, ‘This is my new favourite dress,’ tagging Dundas and designer Peter Dundas, and she later released a set of photographs to accompany her video.

Heidi Klum

The German-born model had previously toasted the brand by attending the Dundas x Revolve holiday party in Los Angeles. Heidi recently put on sizzling social media displays for her admirers during her post-holiday relaxation at home. In another short film last week, she time-traveled back to the 1990s to partake in the ‘whale tail’ fashion craze.

While shaking her pert derriere and showing her washboard abs, the model also emphasized her black G-string and straps, which rode up above her rolled-down sweatpants. Although the sometimes-derided movement appeared to have faded into obscurity, it has recently made a resurgence among trendsetters.


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Heidi’s husband, Tom Kaulitz, whom she met while filming an episode of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2018, was noticeably absent from her recent posts. She and the guitarist for Tokio Hotel married in February 2019 after becoming engaged the previous year. Heidi posted several photos of herself celebrating the holidays with Tom and his twin brother Bill Kaulitz (the main vocalist for Tokio Hotel).

Source: Daily Mail

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