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Henry Cavil Rumored To Be Casted As Reed Richards In MCU’s Fantastic 4

By Sumit Sahu
August 10,2022

Henry Cavil might just be entering the world of MCU. We all have seen him with his astounding physique in DC’s Man of Steel. But how well can we expect him to act and contribute to MCU? 

Fans deeply remember how he nailed his role as Superman. And with that expectation in mind, Henry Cavil has to give his best and a new audience impression to let fans shift their imagination from Man of Steel to Fantastic 4. 

Casting Rumors About Henry Cavil Has Awakened The Fans



Henry Cavil is rumored to play Reed Richards in the MCU’s Fantastic 4. Now, we all are suddenly imagining him as Mr. Fantastic of Marvel. A man with the physique of Superman, stretching around to fight enemies, is it what Henry’s fans would love to see? 

Even though Reed Richards is one of the most brilliant characters of MCU, but still the actor portraying him should justify the role in terms of action as well. 

So, if this casting rumor is true, Marvel has to work a lot to build a story with Henry that won’t get interfered with by his past impression as the mighty Superman. 

Rumors on What Character Henry Cavil Is Going To Play



According to the sources, there is a high chance that he will play Reed Richards in Fantastic 4. But, there are assumptions that he might be replaced as Hercules for the Thor franchise or can play Captain Britain.  

Fans would love to see him as Hercules. But, it is just about time when Marvel will confirm their advanced talks with Henry Cavil for casting them into Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Irrespective of his role, it will be a challenge for writers to wipe out Superman’s impression from the mind and create his MCU version of the identity, just like Marvel did the same with Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans. 

Let’s wait till Marvel drops the big news of bringing in another DC actor to the Marvel world. 

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