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Henry Cavill Gets Jacked Up Like Superman In A New Video

By Soniya Hinduja
September 21,2021

Actor Henry Cavill who played the role of Superman in the DC Extended Universe follows a tremendously busy routine, and that is what has made him adored and appreciated among audiences. While the actor possesses undoubtedly special acting skills, Cavill is a pin-up because of his good looks and admirable physique. We have clearly seen the jacked version of him as Clark Kent. And recently the Enola Holmes actor was seen getting Superman ripped in a new video shared on Twitter.  

Superman is portrayed to be powerful and unbeatable by anyone in the DC Extended Universe, and in order to characterize the Last Son of Krypton, Cavill works out enough to look daunting. It is true that his upcoming plans with the franchise are still in the dark, but the actor is still seen working hard and out. In the video shared on Twitter, we see him pump iron and life weights and get swole like crazy.   

Henry Cavill is putting in all his efforts to stay in shape and it shows. Henry’s plan for his role as Superman is still vague when it comes to showing up on the big screen, but with his strict regime and determination, the actor looks as ready as he can ever be to play his part when asked. All that’s left is to see what Warner Bros. comes up with for Cavill.

Henry Cavill -Witcher

The video shared above was tweeted by the official handle of MuscleTech. MuscleTech is a company that provides protein supplements for bodybuilding and muscle gain, and Henry Cavill has an endorsement deal with the brand. By the looks of it, the routine Cavill is following to stay fit clearly seems to be the right one, for the actor looks quite heavily built. Like we have already seen him in his previous movies like Mission: Impossible – Fallout and the Netflix series The Witcher.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Like we said before, actor Henry Cavill follows a tiringly active routine that allows him to stay busy working on his upcoming Netflix series and individual movie roles. Ever since Enola Holmes premiered on Netflix in 2020, the audiences have been looking forward to seeing Cavill play his role as Sherlock Holmes in the sequel. But not only that, fans are also hoping to see the actor pose as Superman again. While the actor is known to be earnest about the project, it is uncertain as to when we’ll see him rock that trademark cape.    

DC Extended Universe practically received all its acclaim after Henry Cavill showed up with his hulking physique and brought his solidly built role to the flesh as Superman in Man of Steel. We saw him in various shirtless scenes in Batman v Superman and Justice League. Which is why it must be necessary for the actor to stay in shape for the entire year. Now, we are all just anticipating a comeback of Clark Kent when Warner Bros. decides to make it happen. Hopefully sooner than later. To help, we know that Ezra Miller’s upcoming Flash movie has a Supergirl debut in it, and that only has us more excited as it would be intriguing to see two Kryptonians together in the future of DCEU.