Henry Cavill Has Reportedly Signed On For 5 Seasons Of The Witcher

Netflix has big plans for The Witcher. But right now it consists of only 8 TV episodes of the first season starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. However, that’s about to change soon within the next year. 

In fact, 2021 is being touted as the ‘year of the Witcher,’ with multiple anticipated projects about to be launched. But that’s not all. There’s the possibility of more announcements incoming. 

What Can We Expect To See During WitcherCon?

CD Projekt Red and Netflix’s WitcherCon is just a couple of weeks away and we are absolutely expecting a full-length trailer and a official release date for the second season of The Witcher there. 

Along with that, fans can expect to get the first look at the upcoming The Witcher animated prequel titled Nightmare of the Wolf there. In addition, we are hoping that WitcherCon will have news on the spin-off series titled Blood Origin

With the unveiling of WitcherCon, we are sure that Netflix is in it for the long haul and that there’s gonna be more expansion to The Witcher mythology we know till now. 

Henry Cavill As Witcher

Know that our sources who confirmed Blood Origin long before it was officially announced, are now saying that Cavill has an agreement for 5 more seasons of The Witcher (if the show lasts for that long.)

Will The Witcher Run For 5 Seasons?

Henry Cavill pocketed a cool $400,000 for each episode of season 1. Right now, we are sure that the number will increase a lot after the show became one of the most-watched Netflix original series ever after releasing in December 2019. 

As for whether The Witcher will actually last for 5 seasons or not, that’s up in the air right now with season 2 not having premiered at all till now. But we need to mention that multi-season renewals are rare in streaming services. It’s also rare in television networks as well. 

So this might as well have been a handshake agreement and nothing quite like an actual locked contract. But if 5 seasons of The Witcher does happen, then that will surely make fans ecstatic. After all, 5 seasons are just enough to tell the main story fully. 

However, season 5 is a long road away. So instead of focusing on that, let’s focus on the announcements that we will be getting soon at the WitcherCon. 

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