Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Upset With Warner Bros. Right Now

Anyone who spends time on Twitter knows that there’s constant never-ending speculation about Henry Cavill’s future both inside as well as outside of the DCEU. But recently, it became so unbearable that Henry himself had to come on social media and ask fans to stop talking about both his professional as well as personal life. 

A few days after this he signed on to new projects like the Enola Holmes sequel from Netflix as well as the Highlander reboot project. But before all these announcements happened from the actor, the constant chatter around Cavill was because the man who is still regarded as the DCEU’s Superman was linked to practically dozens of projects. But there was no confirmation regarding anything. 

One of the people who added oil to these fiery rumours was scooper Daniel Richtman. He gave various conflicting reports about Cavill’s career as well as his relationship with Warner Bros. One of the most recent ones stated that the star is upset at the studio because they are ignoring him. 

Should You Trust Daniel Richtman’s Scoops?

Before we tell you, whether you can trust Richtman’s scoops or not, you need to know that just a couple of weeks ago Richtman posted the exact opposite thing. He stated then that it was Cavill who had stopped all talks with WB even though they had made repeated offers of DCEU cameos to him all across their upcoming movie slate. 

We know you must be thinking- what is the truth? Truth is that the only people who know about the actual ‘truth’ are the top boss of Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill himself. However, there’s one thing that we know with certainty- Cavill still has one more movie left in his contract. 

So until and unless the WB people decide to pay him off, we can hold onto the hope that Cavill’s Superman will show up on the screen one day. 

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