Henry Cavill Picks Sides Between Yennefer And Triss In The Witcher Debate

Henry Cavill stars as the lead in Netflix’s The Witcher. The actor picks sides between Team Yennefer or Team Triss when it comes to discussing

By Soniya Hinduja
December 3,2021

Henry Cavill stars as the lead in Netflix’s The Witcher. The actor picks sides between Team Yennefer or Team Triss when it comes to discussing the notorious love triangle with the titular character of the show, Geralt. Andrzej Sapkowski’s Netflix interpretation of the books stars Henry Cavill as the main character, who goes by Geralt of Rivia. 

Geralt is a monster hunter. And the story follows him as he journeys across the medieval land known as the Continent. As Geralt pursues various endeavours, he finds himself caught up in a war against the forces of the Nilfgaardian Empire, who are in the middle of conquering the Northern Kingdoms. This is when Geralt is faced with the fact that his fate is intertwined with that of Cintra Princess Cirilla by the ‘Law of Surprise’.

The story picks pace in Season 2

The Witcher Season 1 finale shows Geralt heartbroken after losing his romantic interest Yennefer during The Battle of Sodden Hill. Following the events of which, he crosses paths with Ciri. The forthcoming season continues from that point. Geralt is now responsible for protecting Ciri at all costs. With the will to do so, Geralt takes Ciri back to his childhood home and haven, the old keep of Kaer Morhen. Meanwhile, all of the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons try to capture or get Ciri for her newfound mysterious powers. 

The Witcher
The Witcher Season 1 Anya Chalotra as Yennefer

The trailers suggest that Yennefer is alive and will return in The Witcher Season 2. Additionally, Triss was already introduced in Season 1. Now, fans eagerly anticipate a certain angle from the books being fleshed out in the Netflix series. 

Henry Cavill takes a stance on the debate.

The Witcher Season 2 only has a couple of weeks before its release. And media platform Digital Spy recently attended a red carpet event for The Witcher Season 2 premiere. There, the channel talked with the stars about the impending chapter of the series. In a candid conversation with Henry Cavill, the actor was asked to pick sides in the iconic fan debate between Team Yennefer and Team Triss concerning their love triangle with Geralt. Cavill admitted that his character is ultimately favouring the quarter-elf sorceress when it comes to something as precious as love. Read what Cavill had to say on the topic below:

“For me, when I played the games and especially when I read the books. I feel it’s always been true to Geralt’s core is Team Yennefer. Of course, the great thing about the game is that you can do whatever you want. and that’s the great thing about games. But for me, even in the games, it was Team Yennefer.”

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Will Season 2 explore the notorious love triangle between Yennefer and Triss?

The alleged love triangle between Geralt, Yennefer and Triss in The Witcher franchise is something that the fans have discussed for a long across social media. The majority believe that Yennefer is Geralt’s true love in both the novels and games. So it makes sense for the series to follow the same. However, some fans go wild and pick the fellow sorceress Triss. Essentially, she has to offer a more reliable and settled manner of life to the Witcher. But the reason this debate gets so much focus is because of Geralt’s memory loss about his past life. And this mainly includes his relationship with Yennefer and the mythical Wild Hunt.

The Witcher
The Witcher Season 1 Triss Merigold

Reports have yet to reveal if The Witcher Season 2 will feature a sequence that focuses on the said love triangle. Although, there are speculations that say the next chapter of the Netflix series will closely explore the Wild Hunt.

There is news from earlier this year that says that Sam Hazeldine will appear in The Witcher Season 2. He will play the role of Eredin Bréacc Glas. Glas is the leader of the Red Riders and the human form of the Wild Hunt. The character is known to be a recurring nemesis of Geralt and his other allies. This lays the grounds for the upcoming season. And also the already renewed Season 3 to move forward in the story. And eventually, give some light to the infamous love triangle between Yennefer and Triss. For now, we wait until the series returns to Netflix on December 17.