Henry Cavill Reportedly Trying To Get A Better Deal For The Witcher After Disappointing Superman News

No one knows what is the secret formula for making a successful TV show. But it can be said with certainty that there are a lot more flops than hits in the TV business. This is why the actors of TV projects begin with a standard salary for their first season. Due to this baseline, they are able to take home a respectable cash amount even if their shows end up cancelled.

But what if the dream comes true and the show becomes a hit with consistent ratings and a large watching audience? Then the leads find themselves enjoying heaps of cash and negotiating better salaries.

A great example of this is the Friends tv show. When the show first began, the leads were paid $22,500 for each episode. But in the last season of the show, the leads each got paid a million dollars each episode. The same thing has happened with The Witcher.

Henry Cavill Wants A Better Season 3 Deal

The Witcher is Netflix’s most famous and successful original streaming series. When it debuted, it was ranked as the most famous show on Earth. Before the show debuted, star Henry Cavill got paid $400,000 for each episode. But it won’t be too far out of the ballpark to say that once the show became a phenomenon, Cavill got significant increases as well.

Now, it looks like Henry is trying to get an even better deal for the third season of The Witcher. Noted insider and film rumours scooper Daniel Richtman has said that Cavill is trying to get a better season 3 deal after learning that he isn’t DCEU’s Superman anymore.

Can Cavill Get A Better Deal Now That He Isn’t Superman?

Recently WB announced that they have given the writing duties regarding the Man of Steel to Ta-Nehisi Coates. While there’s no hints about anything else, but several trades have reported that Warner Brothers are rebooting the Superman franchise.

This means that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be Cavill’s last outing as Superman. However, we are still scratching our heads about how this news could give Cavill more bargaining power to demand a better salary for The Witcher season 3. After all, he is about to get replaced in the role that is his biggest claim to fame.

However, one theory is that since Cavill won’t be stuck in this limbo of whether he will play Superman again or not, there won’t be any possibility of scheduling conflicts. As a result, he will be able to concentrate fully on The Witcher. So this might give him the edge to demand more from Netflix. But will Netflix buy this line of reasoning? That remains to be seen.

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