Henry Cavill Shows Interest In Making His Marvel Debut As Captain Britain

Almost a decade ago, who would have expected that we would see some of the industry’s most famous and venerable actors like Salma Hayek, Angelina

By Soniya Hinduja
November 11,2021
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Almost a decade ago, who would have expected that we would see some of the industry’s most famous and venerable actors like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan, and Helen Mirren dressed up as superheroes. But as the two giants, Marvel and DC, work towards expanding their cinematic universes, more and more Hollywood stars are tapping a comic book role for themselves. 

There was indeed a time when both the Studios had a notable distinction. But as of now, they both comprise multiple big stars with interesting roles in their respective universes. Some recent and apparent examples include actors like J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon and J. Jonah Jameson), Michael Keaton (Vulture and Batman), and Idris Elba (Heimdall and Bloodsport).

Complications in the DC Extended Universe

Previously, there have been a few glitches regarding Justice League. This has made it difficult for the original DC Extended Universe’s timeline to follow a given direction. Instead of rectifying this error, the studio has continuously nudged its solo films like Joker, The Batman, and many other movies showing the DCEU distinctly instead of connecting to the main storyline. 

Idris Elba has starred in DC and Marvel movies
Idris Elba has starred in DC and Marvel movies.

There is one specific complication that cannot go unnoticed. It involves DC’s most significant star Superman, played by the widely acclaimed British actor Henry Cavill. Currently, reports state that Warner Bros. has given up on Cavill as the lead. The two upcoming Superman projects on the franchise feature a Black lead. While one will follow traditional Kal-El, the other will star Val-Zod.

These official confirmations from the production company about developing two movies, including the Man of Steel, make it clear that actor Henry Cavill will not be seen donning the legendary cape again. Marvel fans have begun making assumptions about what role would be appropriate for the actor in the MCU ever since the news about Cavill leaving DC broke out. Henry Cavill has shown a particular intrigue in one of these fan theories. 

Henry Cavill would be down to playing Captain Britain

A short while ago, former Superman actor Henry Cavill interviewed with The Hollywood Reporter. Cavill was asked that given the opportunity to switch from the DCEU to MCU, which specific hero would he be interested in playing. 

Henry Cavill

The British star first appreciated all the fan theories that have been popping up on social media. He said that he has “seen the various rumors” about him taking on the role of Captain Britain. The actor said that he would be excited if he could play a “cool, modernized version of that” because “there’s something fun about that:”

“I’m never going to say a Marvel character that is already being played by someone else because everyone’s doing such an amazing job. However, I have the internet, and I have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain, and that would be loads of fun to do a cool, modernized version of that — like the way they modernized Captain America. There’s something fun about that, and I do love being British.”

Who is Captain Britain in the MCU? 

Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain, is essentially a human, who after getting into a motorcycle accident, receives an Amulet of Might, an artifact given to him by the magician Merlyn. This Amulet of Might gives him his superhuman powers, which he uses to save his European nation. Captain Britain’s significant powers are super strength, flight, shooting energy beams, and the ability to produce force fields.

Captain Britain
Captain Britain

The superhero was formerly a plan to be executed solely for the British Market. But with the widespread praise and applause that the character has received, Captain Britain has earned an American market appearance. Ever since, the superhero has been a prominent name in assisting several main teams, such as the Secret Avengers, Illuminati, and many more.

To make the character even more unbelievable, Captain Britain also has Multiverse connections. He has been a member of the Captain Britain Corps. It is a team of different Variants of the character, each from their world. MCU jas been focusing on expanding its Multiverse recently, which makes it an outstanding opportunity for introducing Captain Britain.

As a noticeable fact, the character has previously been referred to in Avengers: Endgame. When Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ go back in time to retrieve the Tesseract from 1970, Peggy Carter mentions someone named Braddock who hasn’t checked in recently.

agent carter
Captain Carter

Having mentioned from a slightly different angle, the closest similarity to the British hero is Hayley Atwell’s Variant Captain Carter. This might be dubious to the approaching MCU feature. However, we have seen her functioning under a different identity while still wearing the Union Jack attire. This only means that introducing Captain Britain is one of the things on Marvel Studios’ future to-do list. 

Henry Cavill as Captain Britain would be interesting 

Given the end of Henry Cavill’s tenure with Warner Bros, the actor would be an ideal candidate for the role of Captain Britain. Cavill has the persona to flesh out the character so that Marvel fans would be starstruck. The British star is a respectable name in the entertainment industry. And if Marvel Studios taps him for a significant role now, we wouldn’t be surprised. 

Still, the audiences will have to be patient to see for sure what Henry Cavill’s future in Hollywood would look like. However, coming to the screen soon is the actor’s fantastic performance in Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher. The show is scheduled for its worldwide release on December 17, 2021