Here are 10 Biggest Questions Answered About NWH Plot Holes
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Here are 10 Biggest Questions Answered About NWH Plot Holes

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 22,2021

It’s time to get to the bottom of some of the biggest plot holes in Spider-Man: NWH. NWH brings together Spider-Man characters from both the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man legacy. This is logical as it was previously uncertain if the MCU would include another solo Spider-Man film.

This has put Peter, his friends, and his family under many unwanted criticisms. This is the case since his identity as Spider-Man was made public in Far From Home. It wasn’t until Peter sought the help of Doctor Strange to fix things. He did so by removing his identity from the minds of the world that things began to look up to him. When the spell goes awry, the multiverse explodes. This consequently brings villains from other universes. These include Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin, who have known Spider-Man in the past.

Spider-Man: NWH multiverse team-up of Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man has delighted fans. However, there are a few NWH plot holes to be found. Ten NWH plot holes are listed here to explain what the film does not reveal.

What Is the Multiverse’s Means Of Resurrecting The Dead Villains?

Doctor Strange using runes in new Spider-Man No Way Home video

Doctor Strange using runes in the new Spider-Man No Way Home video

Those who knew Peter’s identity were brought into the multiverse by Dr. Strange’s spell. It’s not clear how the multiverse could resurrect the majority of the villains that appeared. That being said, the timelines of other universes may be different. And thus, Doc Ock doesn’t remember the events of Spider-Man 2 at all.

Alternatively, the spell may have gotten so out of hand that the villains were pulled out of their timelines just before they were killed. The rules and inconsistencies of the multiverse are based on the fact that very little is known about it.

Why Did Quentin Beck/Mysterio Not Get the Attention He Deserved?


No one has questioned Quentin Beck’s actions and backstory as a fired Stark Industries employee in Spider-Man in NWH. This is the case, and not even the public believes Mysterio. Surely, everyone assumed he was from another world because of his appearance. Why do they believe Spider-Man harbored such animosity towards him? It’s possible that many wanted to make Spider-Man a villain.

After the Blip and the re-emergence of half the world’s population, tension was high. Mysterio is painted as innocent by many people who do not question their information. This is despite evidence to the contrary. Peter would have been questioned for a longer period of time if the investigators had taken the time to do their due diligence first.

How Did Aunt May And Happy First Meet?


Through Peter, May Parker and Happy Hogan got to know each other better. Even if they hadn’t met, Happy probably wouldn’t have known Peter’s aunt at all had he not worked with him as Spider-Man. The possibility exists that Happy and Aunt May met under unrelated circumstances if she didn’t know his true identity.

It’s possible that she came into contact with Stark Industries while working for her non-profit organization. This is how she probably met Happy. In either case, the scenario implies that the past has been altered in some way to support the lapse in everyone’s memories. Peter Parker/Spider-Man played a significant role in many lives.

How Was Peter Parker’s Spidey Image Known to Electro?

electro iron man

When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended, Electro was dead because his body was overloaded with power. Spider-true Man’s identity was never revealed to him. Also, in Spider-Man: NWH, the villain Electro is surprised to see that Spider-Man is a young man. He further jokes about thinking he’s Black when he sees Spider-Man removes his mask.

Peter’s identity as a web-slinging superhero is still unknown. Nonetheless, it’s odd that Electro was pulled through the multiverse’s breach at all. When Electro subsumed so much power just before he died in Spider-Man 2, it’s possible that he learned Peter’s identity as well. If he was drawn in by Peter’s name, it might be because he is fond of the MCU’s version of the character.

How Did Venom know About Peter Parker Being Spider-Man?


As exciting as it was to see Spider-Man: No Way Home’s mid-credit scene with Tom Hardy returning as Eddie Brock was, there is little logic to Venom being drawn into the MCU via the multiverse breach. No indication has been made that the protagonist knows Spider-Man or has even heard of Peter Parker following Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Before being sent back to his own world, Venom struggled to make sense of the multiverse and Thanos and the Blip. All in all, it could be a reimagining of Eddie Brock/Venom from Spider-Man: No Way Home. The MCU’s Venom has a variant that looks exactly like him, much like Loki did in his self-titled Disney+ series. However, the NWH plot holes discrepancy could be explained by a modified version of the same character.

How Did Doc Ock Know Of Green Goblin/Norman Osborn’s Identity?

doctor Ock

doctor Ock

Doc Ock explains to Spider-Man that the Green Goblin’s reappearance is improbable because he’s been dead for years. However, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy did not reveal that the public ever knew that Norman Osborn had become the Green Goblin in the first place. Dr. Otto Octavius worked for Oscorp and knew Harry Osborn. Even then, there is no explanation for how he came to know about the Green Goblin’s dark secrets.

The Green Goblin and Norman may have been mistaken for one another by Doc Ock at some point if that is the case. It’s possible he came across the information while working at Oscorp, but he may have held it back out of regard for Harry. Spider-Man: No Way Home fails to address it, whatever the case may be.

Do MJ And Ned Recall Working With Spider-Man?


It’s important to the trio’s chemistry that MJ and Ned have worked with Spider-Man on numerous occasions. Even though Spider-Man is still a well-known superhero, the fact that Peter doesn’t come to mind suggests that they may not have worked with him at all. Would they only remember the superhero with his mask on if they assisted Spider-Man?

Peter notices MJ’s (Michelle-Jones Watson) battle scar on the Statue of Liberty at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but all she says is she barely feels it anymore. This suggests that she could have functioned with Spider-Man even though she was unaware of his identity. The extent to which this is the case, however, is unknown.

Daredevil’s Brick and Green Goblin stabbed Maguire, but Holland’s Spidey-Sense “Tingle” didn’t pick it up?

The Spidey-sense that Spider-Man is famous for allows him to foresee any impending danger before it occurs. Spider-Man: No Way Home had a few moments where the superhero’s abilities failed him completely. So, how come Peter didn’t sense Daredevil throwing a brick through a window or the Green Goblin stabbing Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man before it actually happened?

A simple explanation is that the NWH plot holes needed it to be this way to give Daredevil a chance to shine and for the shock of Peter Maguire’s demise to sink in as such. That’s because Spider-Man could foresee Thanos’ snap even before it occurred. To put it another way: Peter may not have been able to think clearly. His emotions were too high, which could be an in-world explanation for what happened.

How Did Doctor Octopus know Where Spider-Man Was?



One of Peter’s friends, Doctor Octopus, showed up on the bridge at an inopportune time, just as Peter was trying to convince the chancellor to give his friends a fighting chance at MIT. However, it’s not clear how the villain could pinpoint Peter’s location.

There is only one possible explanation for Doc Ock’s arrival at the exact spot where Spider-Man was already doing business. Since the spell draws in people who know Peter’s identity, it explains why Doc Ock likely turned up in the one spot where Spider-Man was already doing business. Doc Ock was last seen on a bridge near the water, so returning to the scene on a bridge makes sense.

How Does Ned Open Portals Without Any Prior Knowledge Or Training?

Using Doctor Strange’s ring to open a portal to alternate dimensions, Peter’s best friend, Ned Leeds, proved his claim that magic ran in his family. However, how did Ned manage something of this magnitude with no prior training? As we all know, learning how to use magic took Doctor Strange quite some time properly. And even then, his attempt to erase Peter’s identity was disastrous.

Even so, Spider-Man: NWH hinted that Ned might be better at magic due to his ancestry in the magical arts. The last portal didn’t close because he didn’t know what he was doing. However, he could find Peter fairly quickly when he was motivated to do so. This suggests that Ned could open portals because of the conjunction of magic in his blood and his relationship with Peter.

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