Here Are 10 Characters Who Made A Deal With Marvel’s Mephisto

The battle between Spider-Man and demonic monster Kindred was one of the most popular plots in Marvel Comics in 2021. This demon was shown to be conspiring with Mephisto to eliminate Spider-Man towards the conclusion of the fight, which re-emphasized the dangers of striking a bargain with Marvel’s devil.

Taking Johnny Blaze’s soul and bringing Ghost Rider to Earth was the first time the demon Mephisto demonstrated what a bargain with him looked like. It’s almost shocking how so many antagonists have struck pact with the devil, and how often they have backfired on the heroes, despite the fact that some of them have really taken the matter to Mephisto.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

In Marvel Spotlight #5, Mike Ploog and Gary Friedrich’s Johnny Blaze had a legendary bargain with Mephisto. Ghost Rider Volume. 2 #68 revealed that the tempter was really the demon Mephisto, not Satan. Johnny’s biological father had been diagnosed with cancer and was in his last days.

Johnny studied occultism to try to save his father, so he called the demon Mephisto and gave his soul in exchange for his life. For his part, Mephisto linked Johnny with Zarathos, the demon, and so the character of Ghost Rider was created. As with Mephisto, the plot thickened and Crash perished despite Johnny’s heroic efforts, albeit in a motorbike accident.

Howard Stark

Howard Stark

The Avengers discovered that the Moon Deity was engaged in a conflict with Mephisto during their fight with Moon Knight’s god, Khonshu. Khonshu repeatedly killed Mephisto in their battle, yet even after Khonshu’s death, Mephisto was unable to recover on his own. He enlisted the help of Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, who had already struck a bargain with him.

He accompanied Stark on his mission to eat individuals who had done business with him since the past as a gigantic dog. A hero, Tony’s father turned into a demon when his son was a kid when he started performing sacrifice rituals to please Mephisto.

Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson was a devoted subordinate of commander Nick Fury and a fan of Marvel Comics characters like Captain America. In the comics, though, things became bleak for Coulson. One individual who saw there was something amiss with Captain America during Secret Empire was Coulson. He was ultimately murdered.

Agent Coulson was brought back to life by Mephisto. When he did, he harboured a deep aversion to superheroes. This resulted from their treachery and the murder of his partner. To serve Mephisto, Agent Coulson forged an agreement and established a parallel universe called Heroes Reborn, in which he served as President of America and Hyperion was a super-powered hero. Coulson was stranded in his Pandemonium Cube when the world stopped working.


Loki has opened the multiverse

In the instance of Loki’s bargain with Mephisto, he came out on top. This is definitely unusual when dealing with the demon. The reason for this is that Loki had a strategy in place and was actively executing it prior to approaching Mephisto. Hela was left without a realm after the fall of Asgard. She pleaded with Loki, telling him she would do everything to have a realm of her own.

Having negotiated with Mephisto, Loki gave the devil’s realm to Hela in return for the Valkyries that Loki had vanquished. To Hela’s delight, Mephisto consented. He further relinquished his stake to Loki’s soul in return for removing his name from the Book of Hel. Following this, he was rendered eternal.



Illyana Rasputina is a member of the New Mutants and a mutant Magik. She is Colossus’ younger sister. She’s also the Limbo dimension’s Sorceress Supreme. Magik struck a bargain with Mephisto to rescue her son in an other dimension. Hutch, Magik’s kid, was born between dimensions, and as a result never had a physical body.

As part of her bargain with Mephisto, Magik agreed to trade her son’s body for the lives of every mutant on the planet. Even though she struck a bargain with him, the child gave his life to halt the massacre of mutants.


Tom Holland As Spiderman

Joe Quesada’s J. and Michael Straczynski’s controversial deal with Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #545 was the most contentious. To preserve Aunt May’s life after she had been shot, Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man struck a bargain with the devil in “One More Day”. The duo exchanged saving Aunt May’s life for erasing their marriage from reality. Mephisto took advantage of this by making everyone forget it. According to the conclusion of the Kindred narrative, Mephisto arranged deals like this one to weaken Spider-Man. This was done so that he wouldn’t be responsible for his own demise in the end of time.

Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn

To weaken and destroy everything Peter Parker cared about, Mephisto struck a bargain with Spidey’s deadliest adversary long before making one with Spider-Man. As far as we know, this bargain was struck with Norman Osborn long before he was known as the Green Goblin.

In order to gain enormous power, Norman struck a bargain with Mephisto. Norman promised Mephisto his first-born son in return for access to power, education, and prosperity. That man was Harry Osborn, which is why life for Harry was never easy. As a result of Harry’s bargain, the demonic Kindred were unleashed to attack Spider-Man and kill him.

Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man characters other than Peter Parker have struck deals with Mephisto. As the Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus had a long and successful career as a superhero on the West Coast. Doc Ock, like Peter Parker, struck a bargain in order to rescue someone he cared about, and it worked. As a result, Anna Maria and her kid were put in danger by an alternative universe’s Norman Osborn.

The character was well aware of his limitations as the Superior Spider-Man. As a reason, he struck an agreement with Mephisto to become the cruel Doctor Octopus in exchange for his assistance in defeating Norman. In return, Mephisto took away his heroism and morals.

Doctor Strange

Every time Doctor Strange has helped others, he’s risked his own life for them. Spider-Man recently fought the demonic Kindred. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange discovered that this had something to do with Mephisto, so he verified it to himself. It was only a matter of time until Doctor Strange struck a bargain with Mephisto in the city of Sin City.

During their duel, Mephisto sent Kindred after Spider-Man. This is when readers discovered that there were two Kindreds, both demons in possession of clones Harry Osborn had made years before. Mephisto threatened to take Strange’s soul if he lost the battle, and Strange had two champions on his side. Mephisto was defeated and Strange’s soul was saved thanks to his cunning use of Mary Jane as his 2nd champion.

The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman

As part of his strategy to assist him defeat Hela in the future, Mephisto enlisted the aid of the Fantastic Four. Sue was duped into believing that Reed Richards had struck a pact with him years before when he transported Franklin Richards and the team to his world.

After that, he kidnapped Reed’s intellect. This lead Susan to strike a bargain with Mephisto. She agreed to remain in his world in exchange for the restoration of Reed’s intelligence and the return of her family to Earth. The good news is that Jean Grey exchanged her soul for Sue’s and for Thor’s, so he couldn’t hold on to theirs.