Here Are 10 Interesting Questions Raised By The Witcher Season 2 Finale

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Witcher Season 2! After two-year of anticipation, Netflix finally released the second season for its popular fantasy

By Soniya Hinduja
December 23,2021
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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Witcher Season 2!

After two-year of anticipation, Netflix finally released the second season for its popular fantasy series The Witcher on December 17, 2021. The audiences, as well as the critics, greatly admired the franchise’s first installment. And ever since, fans have been actively praising the intricacies in the plot, as well as making speculations for the future seasons. The series does a fine job in exploring the source material with depth. Thus creating a visual experience rich in mystical lore and intrigue. 

Consisting of eight hour-long episodes, The Witcher answers all the questions left open in Season 1. Although, it creates an abundance of interesting twists for its next installment. From Ciri’s formidable new abilities to the White Flame’s identity. The show also reveals a glimpse of the Wild Hunt. Thus laying a thrilling premise for season three. 

What are Dijkstra and the Owl Lady’s true motives?

The Witcher Season 2 – Owl Lady Phillipa

Dijkstra, who works for the Redanian empire, appears halfway into the show. He is cunning and evil, posing as a spymaster and mage. He instills a spy in Xin’trea to get intel on Fringilla and Francesca’s methods. This spy is none other than the elf Dara. We first saw Dara in season 1 when he found Ciri in the woods. While he is in Xin’trea, he speaks to a white owl, who then reports to Dijkstra. 

In the finale of The Witcher Season 2, we finally find out the true identity of the owl. The owl is a woman named Phillipa. She has made plenty of appearances in the books and the games. But for the viewers, she is a new character. If our assumptions about the future narrative are true, Phillipa and Dijkstra will be prominently present in season three. The characters will drive the story towards the Thanedd Coup, after which the Brotherhood of Sorcerers will officially dissolve.

Who is Rience working for?

The Witcher Season 2 Rience using fire magic

Both the seasons of The Witcher are full of terrifying characters. But Rience tops the list by being the most frightening of all. Rience is a very strong mage who has access to fire magic. He does not belong to the Brotherhood but was hired by a woman while imprisoned in a cell. The woman assigned him the task of finding Ciri. In his quest, he comes across Vesemir and Triss. And Rience was powerful enough to flee unscathed even with their combined strength. And this makes him one of the most powerful villains introduced in the show so far. 

The show reveals absolutely nothing about Rience’s employer. However, the fans of The Witcher books know exactly who is the orchestrator of the entire charade. But the viewers see nothing of the employer’s identity in Season 2. Perhaps, Season 3 will do so initially because it is sure to explore the Continent’s cunning and secretive political issues. 

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Will Tissaia go after Ciri?

Tissaia de Vries
Tissaia de Vries in The Witcher

Being one of the most powerful mages in the show, Tissaia plays a significant character. She has a soft spot and cares deeply for Yennefer. Season 2 focuses on her place of power within the Brotherhood, as she finally ends up leading it. However, a conflict of interest arises when Triss returns from Kaer Morhen and reveals the truth about Ciri and everything she witnessed. 

We see Tissaia and other Kings announcing a bounty over Ciri’s capture in the season finale. Tissaia is stern in her orders as she condemns all who try and protect Ciri. But she is unaware that Yennefer is one of the girl’s protectors. This scene sets up a lot of intrigues as the coming season will determine whether Tissaia will falter in her decision when she realizes that Yennefer is closely connected to Ciri. Or will she continue to hunt Ciri? 

What is the elves’ next step of action?

The Witcher
The Witcher Season 2 Francesca Findabair – leader of Elves

The portrayal of elves in fiction and fantasy is always a delight to watch. And among the several television shows and movies, The Witcher does it remarkably well. From the quarter-elf Yennefer to Filavandrel, the show displays many tricky elven characters. But they only make the show more compelling. The Witcher Season 2 focuses on an interesting character, Francesca, the elves’ present leader, because she is pregnant with the first elven child in years.

When Voleth Meir chooses her pawns to draw pain and desperation, Francesca is the third target after Fringilla and Yennefer. But Francesca is not aware that this deal will cost her a life. When her baby dies, Francesca is fuelled by rage. And she is seen crossing the Northern villages, massacring every baby she lays her eyes on. She learns of Ciri and the Elder Blood in the season finale through Istredd. This revelation puts elves in line with forces hunting Ciri for her powers, which sets up an important role for them in season three. But how far will they go in their drive to pursue her? 

Will Vesemir try to create more Witchers using Ciri’s Elder Blood?

Vesemir talking in Kaer Morhen in The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher books and games depict Vesemir as an exceptionally important character. And fans are overly familiar with him. But for the viewers, his first appearance was in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. After which, Kim Bodnia makes his live-action character’s debut in The Witcher Season 2. Vesemir is one of the oldest, most experienced Witchers on the Continent. He is also a father figure to Geralt and the current leader of other Witchers. He cares deeply for them all and sees them as his family. 

The final war between the Witchers and Voleth Meir causes the death of so many Witchers. But then, Vesemir finds out that Ciri’s blood contains an element necessary for the creation of Witchers. He even succeeds in developing a mutagen, but Rience steals it. As the season advances, there are only a bunch of Witchers still alive. So will Vesemir finally play out his intention of creating new Witchers? Indeed, Ciri’s Elder Blood is perhaps too dangerous to use. But these are desperate times. 

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Will Jaskier continue to tag along with Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer?

Jaskier in Jail in The Witcher Season 2 Trailer

Jaskier and Geralt’s topsy-turvy friendship is perhaps the most fun dynamic of the show. Fans loved them in season one and have been eager to see more of them. Although, the new season decides to explore the character differently. Jaskier spends some time with Yennefer, and their fascinating bond is something fans did not see coming. So far, Jaskier has played a major role in making The Witcher a hit. So it is obvious that the audiences want him to stick around for longer. 

We see Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer desperate to run away from all the chaos exploding around them during the finale. The Witcher is officially a fugitive, and the chances are that Jaskier will tag along with him. However, the show might also pay more attention to the three main leads. But a little bit of a fun element with Jaskier here and there won’t hurt anybody. 

What does fate have in store for Cahir And Fringilla?

Fringilla and Cahir are looking serious in The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher has many fighters and mages. But Cahir and Fringilla are among the very best. When working together, they are undefeated. But season two sees them following their narratives, separate from the other. And when the two finally share the screen time, their ultimate goals do not align. And thus, they are unable to act in agreement. 

Towards the end of Season 2, the White Flame seizes Cahir and Fringilla as they fail to carry out their requirements. However, Emhyr never kills them. This could be because the two have grown to be two very compelling characters. And it seems as if the show has more in store for them. But we wonder if, after all that, they have been through, will they still stay loyal to Nilfgaard? Or will they act against them by becoming allies to the elves? Perhaps they will set out on a quest of their own? 

When will Ciri find out who the White Flame is?

The Witcher Emhyr var Emreis, ruler of Nilfgaard, father of princess Cirilla

The Witcher Season 2 stole the breath of all with the massive revelations in its season finale. In Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series, the introduction of the White Flame was one of the main ending teases. But Season 2 discloses Emhyr’s true identity as Duny a little too soon. Duny, aka Ciri’s father, was the cursed man seen in the Season 1 episode titled “Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials.” Geralt saved his life and took the Child Surprise in return. 

While this twist goes a little over-the-top in its portrayal, it poses a complicated plot detail. The book series fans are well aware of Duny’s narrative as he rose from being the Crown Prince of Cintra to Emhyr, leader of the Nilfgaardian forces. It is a story that needs to be told well, so fans have great expectations from the show. While Season 2 set out to frame Emhyr as a looming antagonist, Season 3 might focus more on the forthcoming dynamic between him and his daughter. However, how soon will Ciri find out about him is a standing question. 

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Will the Wild Hunt also pursue Ciri in The Witcher Season 3?

The Wild Hunt riding their horses in The Witcher

The portrayal of the Wild Hunt is pretty significant in both the original novels and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, which is slated to be one of the best fantasy video games in current times. Sapkowski’s books depict the Wild Hunt as a powerful race of elves residing in a different Sphere. They are seeing Ciri because of her ability to access other Spheres and, ultimately, the Gate of the World.

However, we believe that Netflix’s The Witcher will follow a different approach from the Wild Hunt. Season 2 introduces the race of spectral riders towards its very end. So it is safe to assume that they will be more present in Season 3. Although, the show might give them space in Season 4 properly. Whatever be the scenario, the Wild Hunt will chase Ciri for her powers. 

Will Geralt, Yennefer, And Ciri travel to other Spheres of the universe?

The Witcher season finale – Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer in another Sphere

The Conjunction of the Spheres is mentioned several times throughout the second season. The moment is crucial in the history of the Witcher universe. The event signifies the collision of various universes or “spheres” of humans, elves, and monsters. This allowed a brand new universe to come into existence. 

In The Witcher Season 2, we find out that Ciri can communicate with other spheres. Her screams are so powerful that they open portals between the Spheres through structures called monoliths. These monoliths are scattered across the Continent, and they act as conduits of power. Ciri accidentally teleports herself, Geralt, and Yennefer into another Sphere in the season finale. It is there that they encounter the Wild Hunt. Because Season 2 saw the opening of one portal, it is possible that Ciri will access other Spheres existing in the universe in the upcoming season. This possibility allows for an incredibly thrilling plot.

The Witcher seasons one and two are now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.