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Here Are 10 Marvel Comics Storylines That Won’t Ever Be In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 20,2021

Marvel, home to some of the best comics ever published, has proven to be a fertile ground for the MCU. The MCU has adapted many fan favorites over the years, even if they have failed at times. Contrarily, the MCU has diverged significantly from the comic book Marvel Universe. As a result, certain storylines are difficult to adapt to the big screen. Several storylines would not work in the MCU due to plot developments or general quality.

Justice League of America/Avengers

Justice League of America/Avengers

Krona from the DC Universe seeks to destroy the Marvel Universe to learn the truth about creation. Marvel’s Grandmaster comes up with a plan. If Krona succeeds, the Marvel Universe will be destroyed. With Krona on the line, it’s time for the Justice League vs. Avengers showdown.

Civil War II

civil war 2

Captain Marvel faces off against Iron Man in the sequel to 2006’s “Civil War.” Captain Marvel sees Ulysses’ visions of doom as a chance to stop disasters in their tracks. Because Ulysses’ plans have been foiled, Iron Man doubts his powers. The MCU can discuss determinism and free will, but some things will be left out.

Deadpool Killogy



Deadpool has proven to be a very adaptable hero. Marvel has plenty of options, but the “Deadpool Killogy” is likely to be ignored due to its controversy. An alternate Merc with a Mouth sets out to exterminate Marvel characters after a disastrous therapy session. After traveling to alternate dimensions to remove classic literary figures, he faces the 616 version of Deadpool.

Spider-Man: “Sins Past” & “Sins Remembered

Spider-Man Sins Past & Sins Remembered

Gwen Stacy had an extramarital affair with Norman Osborn and had twins Sarah and Gabriel as a result. Osborn raised the twins after their mother died tragically, seeking vengeance against Spider-Man. Despite destroying Gwen Stacy’s legacy and having Peter dig up her grave to obtain a sample of her DNA, this arc proved controversial as Sarah attempted to blackmail him.

The Ultimates

Many elements of the MCU can be traced back to “The Ultimates,” including story themes and character design. Is it possible to see a finished product? The show’s tone is very different from the MCU’s. For example, a video of Iron Man and Black Widow kissing was leaked online, and Ant-Man and the Wasp are having domestic issues.


Nobody expects a pop star and a superhero together in Marvel. The goal was to create a comic character that could enter the real world through music, merchandise, and appearances. Nightcat, the actress Jacqueline Tavarez’s character, was named after her. Because neither the comic nor the album was commercially successful, the protagonist was dropped.

Punisher: Fade… to White

After being falsely accused by the Kingpin, Frank Castle is attacked on Rikers Island. As a result, his face is sliced. He can flee, but the Kingpin hasn’t. He seeks a plastic surgeon who can disguise him. However, The Punisher, like the readers, was surprised when he went from white to black. He teams up with Luke Cage as Rook to bring justice to the streets. But it’s only temporary, as he gradually turns white.

Secret Empire



“Hail Hydra,” are the only words that come to mind. The Cosmic Cube rewrites Captain America’s memories, making him believe he’s a Hydra sleeper agent. Then he organizes the group’s takeover of the US government. MCU will never see this despite it being mentioned in “Avengers: Endgame.” Many comic book fans were offended by Captain America’s portrayal as a fascist. This storyline feels out of place, especially with Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Spider-Man’s The Other

Tom Holland As Spiderman

Tom Holland As Spiderman

This narrative gave Peter Parker the “Spider-Totem” powers. To fight Morlun, he was raised as a new Spider entity by the cosmic spider deity “The Other.” There are a lot of spiritual elements in this storyline that wouldn’t work in the MCU. This narrative has huge spiders, humanoid spider monsters, Peter Parker shedding his skin, and other oddities that wouldn’t work in a film.

Captain Marvel’s Son

Captian Marvel Son

Carol Danvers is a force to be reckoned with. One of these events happened while she was pregnant. Marcus Immortus was trapped in Limbo and needed to be reincarnated to escape. The demon used Carol’s emotional manipulation to ensure she got pregnant and erased her memory before reincarnating on Earth. The fact that something is both disturbing and confusing is a bonus. Disney is unlikely to be interested in this.

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